You have perhaps come here merely because your aircon has been becoming colder and colder over time, or it has been producing a lot of sounds recurrently. Whichever the situation might be, a chemical wash for your aircon will revive even the most damaged aircon!

Everyone understands that if they purchase an aircon, they have to clean and service it consistently to avoid big aircon problems. There are numerous alternatives accessible when it comes to aircon maintenance work. The chemical wash of the aircon is one such substitute.

Aircon Chemical Wash

If your aircon still does not give cool air and also takes much time to cool your place after cleaning the air channels, your aircon expert can recommend a chemical wash. A chemical washing is a technique in which chemicals are used to clean the inner components of your aircon. First, your aircon would be taken to pieces, revealing the condenser, evaporator loops, plus air filters. The parts are then absorbed in a chemical solution to help in removing any filth and dirt, as well as corrosive acids.

A chemical solution is similarly used to clean out the aircon inner pipes. It helps in the elimination of adhesive filtrate and acids from aircon parts. The chemical wash can even be used to totally dissolve plus wash away any algae or mud that has accumulated in the drain pipes.

3 Common Circumstances: How Often Should You Go for Aircon Chemical Wash?

  • If the aircon stops giving cold air

When the aircon is blocked with dirt and grime, it gives little or no cool air. Most of the time, it is because of ice accumulation in the condenser. When this part, together with the fan loop, becomes dirty, it will suffer great trouble giving cool air to your unit. That is why chemical washing is vital to give it an in-depth cleaning and reestablish the aircon functionality.

  • If your aircon is dripping water, it is time to call an expert

Backflow occurs when the system’s drainage line becomes congested, ensuing in a leaky aircon. When this happens, your aircon will be supplemented by an endless stream of water. What is the solution? A great, effectual chemical washing.

  • If the aircon starts to produce a foul smell

Do not be worried if your aircon starts to produce an odd and strong odor. The reason is more probably to be a big collection of germs within than a rotting animal corpse. Call an aircon unit service specialist quickly to get your unit chemically cleaned if you have this issue.

Chemical Washing Procedure: Basic Steps

Here is what will be done consistently through the chemical wash:

  • First step

A professional will eliminate the aircon covering and strip the unit. The initial step is to take away the inner components, comprising the condenser, evaporator loops, and strainers.

  • Second step

Afterward, the specialist will immerse the inner parts in a chemical solution to eliminate the dirt and any damaging acids. They will then use water and chemical substances to clean the aircon strainer. The inner evaporator loop, the drainage dish, the front panel of the aircon, then the cover are washed using high-pressure water jets.

  • Third step

The dirt, grease, as well as dirt accumulated in the fan loop components throughout time, are then cleared with the help of chemical solutions. Such chemicals contain substances that abolish and constrain bacterial and fungal growth, permitting your aircon to stay clean for an extended duration.

  • Final step

Lastly, a vacuum will be used to clean the drainage line comprehensively.

Before the professional complete the cleaning and repairing of all of the components involved, they will test the Aircon’s diverse functions to confirm that they are working properly. 

If additional repairs or servicing are essential, the professional will inform you immediately. Merely reputable businesses will go over and above to examine your aircon for any difficult components and suggest whether they have to be repaired or serviced. Consequently, you must choose a trustworthy and experienced aircon service provider to clean your aircon. After following the techniques outlined above, your aircon will feel and work like new.

Is It Essential to Clean the Aircon with Chemicals?

Chemical aircon washing is an important procedure. Cleaning on an everyday basis can help in the removal of some undesirable particles even though the parts have a lot of damaging dirt that has been accumulated over time.

Toxic grease is hard to eliminate and can rust and harm the inner parts of your aircon, dropping its effectiveness and performance. Thus, it is a good idea to clean your aircon with chemicals at least every six months.

What Are the Benefits of Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

  • One of the greatest important benefits of chemical washing is that your aircon will be proficient in giving top-quality air. As a chemical wash will clear all grime, dirt, fungus, and germs from the refrigeration unit, the succeeding air will be significantly better, harmless, and healthy for everybody.
  • Any electronic tool that is cleaned and maintained consistently will have an extended life span. The similar can be said for an aircon. Consistent chemical cleaning of the aircon guarantees that it will work at peak effectiveness for a significantly longer time without failing.
  • When all of the components of the aircon are completely washed throughout a chemical wash, all fungous and mold smells are distant from the air that is blown inside.
  • If your aircon is originating some vulgar odors, this is perhaps because of a fungus and mildew build-up in the aircon. If you have noticed that the air in your AC is starting to odor that is the clearest sign that you require an aircon chemical cleaning. An aircon chemical wash will not simply eliminate the foul odor, on the other hand, will similarly prevent future problems of bacterial build-up from happening another time.
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