Normal Aircon Service

Normal Servicing

Unit ( s )Price
1 Fancoils$43.20
2 Fancoils$59.40
3 Fancoils$75.60
4 Fancoils$91.80
5 Fancoils$108.00
6 - 9 Fancoils $20.33 / Fancoil
10 Fancoils & above$18.36/ Fancoil


Job Scope:

  • Cleaning & checking air filter, front panel & cover
  • Checking,deodorising and purifying filter
  • Cleaning & checking indoor evaporator coil
  • Cleaning & checking indoor drainage tray
  • Vacuuming of drainage system
  • Checking fan bearing and lubrication (if necessary)
  • Checking compressor suction and discharge pressure

Aircon General Service

Who is your best friend during the summers? Well, needless to say, it is your air conditioner popularly known as Aircon in Singapore. In a city like Singapore where the temperature is hot and always humid, aircons are your best friends almost in every season as an aircon is needed almost everyday to beat the heat. Whether you’re in your house sitting, cooking , cleaning or sleeping- you need the aircon to be switched on everywhere because of the hot temperature. Stepping out of the house, you need Aircon in your car and even in the shopping malls. It is an Aircon that makes the hot climate in Singapore more bearable. Since, an Aircon takes care of us, isn’t it out responsibility to take care of it too?

Most of the times, aircon service is neglected by a lot of us and we do not quite understand the value of it or the cost we would have to incur if the aircon parts get damaged from within. An aircon should be serviced by professionals only and DIY is best if avoided. You can’t really do the servicing by yourself because if you do so, your aircon may quite well be at risk. This is where we come in to ease your problems. By hiring a professional company like us, you can remain calm and trust us to make your Aircon as good as new.


When should you opt for a General Aircon Service?

There are a few signs that your aircon will happily give when it needs a general service. Here is a list:

  • Warm air

The whole purpose of an Aircon is to provide cool air so that you can relax during the hotter times. If your aircon stops giving cool air and gives warm air instead, it is obvious that there is something wrong with your aircon. Instead of checking your Aircon continuously, call us and we can fix the problem for you.

  • Poor Airflow

When there is not much air coming out from the vents but the aircon is still managing with the cooling, it is an indication that your Aircon is going through an airflow problem. Your aircon at this point needs a regular service soon. You need to check your air filter first to see if there is any kind of dust or debris settling in on to the air filter. If no, then that’s a great news but if yes, it means that your Aircon will need a regular service.

  • Excessive Moisture

Singapore is a place of heat and humidity. Moisture can lead to mould and debris getting collected in the aircon. If this happens, it may affect the functioning of the aircon and you may not really get good air quality in your room. Instead of checking the aircon by yourself, it is best if you hire us to do that for you. Our team of experts know exactly what they are doing and can finish it as per your expected timeline.

  • High Utility Bills

Your utility bills cannot simply exceed expectations without something wrong in one of the appliances. And since aircons are always used in Singapore, it is astonishing how the utility bills would simply go higher. This means that there is some problem with the aircon. The only solution to this is getting your aircon serviced at regular intervals of time.


Benefits of Aircon General Service

A regular aircon service will prove to be a blessing, trust us! Here are a few benefits that will reconfirm your decision about general aircon service:

1. Good health

It is good health that will make you live longer and nothing else. If you are spending so much in an aircon so that you can save yourself from the heat outside, you ought to be benefitted completely. The aircon is supposed to give you clean air. If you already have any health issues like asthma or any other form of allergy, the dirt and debris that gets collected in your aircon will only accelerate it. But, you can keep yourself away from all this and make sure that your aircon circulated just fresh air by opting for a regular service of your aircon.

2. Extend lifespan

For any machine or electrical appliance, regular service and maintenance is very important to make sure that the appliance is in a good condition and works for longer. If you do not get a regular service done, the aircon will deteriorate from within and you will never even know. This will reduce the actual lifespan of the aircon and you will potentially be under a loss because aircons aren’t cheap when you buy them and if you do not get regular service done, it will not be realised to its true potential.

3. Reduces major breakdowns

Regular service is the first step to find out if there is anything major going on in your Aircon that will potentially cause a bigger damage later on. An aircon breakdown is a huge thing as once your aircon breaks down, your entire schedule comes to a halt because in a city like Singapore, survival without an Aircon is almost impossible. Therefore, a regular aircon service will prevent a major breakdown.

4. Save cost in the long run

A lot of people shy away from a regular aircon service thinking about the cost it incurs. What is important to realise here is that if you do not get a service done regularly, your electricity and your repair bills will be much higher in the long run. A poorly maintained aircon will definitely make you sweat when you see the bills that you need to pay. Therefore, it is always better to pay for regular services than to pay for

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