When the summer season arrives, the use of air conditioners is at its peak. Every person demands an air conditioner just because of the high temperature. Some days of the summer are so hot and unbearable without the air conditioner. At this point, the air conditioner proves blissful for the people as it saves the people from the warm air. In the lives of people, there are some frustrating things and a hot boiling day is one of them and it becomes worse when you won’t sit or relax in the air conditioner but it does not work properly. When the air conditioner is newly installed, it is in the best condition and throws the great cooing effect but when the air conditioner gets old, it starts doing problems such as a trip down and start giving the warm air. This has a direct and negative effect on the health and mood of the person. People who have asthma problems have to face serious issues. On the other hand, poor air conditioning makes the person aggressive and their mind stops working properly. So, it is very important to do the maintenance of your air conditioner after some time to stay safe from serious issues. Some of the tips to make sure that the air conditioner is working properly are as under:


  • Change and Clean the Filters:

Regular inspection of filters is very important because when the filters get old, they can overheat your air conditioner system and decrease its efficiency. Other than this, filters get full of dust when it does not clean on time. You have to make sure that there is no dust accumulated inside the vents so that the air conditioner can work at its maximum capacity. The intensity of the dust stuck in the filters is double in the winter months so check regularly at that time and clean it properly. These days, there are different aircon chemical wash is available that can clean the filters very easily and properly. Moreover, there is a great need to check behind the filter as there is no ice build-up there. In most cases, ice creates at the back just because of the high use of the air conditioner which in turn reduces the overall working and energy efficacy of the air conditioner. To check the ice, you simply need to open up the filters and see through them. If you get ice, just melt it by itself and remove it.


  • Replacement and Cleaning of the Coils:

When there is the case of the maintenance of the air conditioner, coils come the first that needs to be checked ad repaired on time. The evaporator coil and condenser coil of the air conditioner gather dirt throughout the year. Whether it is a winter season or summer season, dirt stuck in the coils decreases the flow of the air and causes the coil to become insulated which in turn reduces their capacity to absorb the heat. This two are the major problems and highly affect the function of the air conditioner. At this point, the air conditioner’s use is higher than the normal range, and the excessive use of energy results in high bills. Now come towards the outside coils that become also dirty if your yard is full of trees and too dusty. So, it can be said that the checking of both indoor and outdoor coils for cleanliness is mandatory. An aircon chemical overhaul proves effective not only for the cleanliness of the coils of your air conditioner but also makes the way for the air to flow properly.

  • Checking the Fins:

The outdoor air conditioning system demands more attention than the indoor air conditioning system. The outdoor inspection of the air con starts from the unit’s fins to check whether there is debris or dirt present on it or not. If there are particles of dirt present on it, just remove the outer covers from the unit and clear out all the dust with the help of the vacuum and if the dirt still exists there spray away the debris through the garden hose. After the cleanliness of the fins, put an eye on the fins to make sure that they are not bent because it brings a reduction in the airflow. If there is bending in the fins, you can use the knife to bring back the fins to their original shape.


  • Cleanliness of the Outdoor Unit:

During the summer season, the use of the air conditioner increases and is higher than in the other months due to which there is excessive debris collected on it that negatively affects the functioning of the air conditioner. It is very important to uncover it with any leaves and the different sorts of debris. Other than this, if it is surrounded by trees and shrubs, you can cut down the branches to ensure that they do not block the flow of the air. If there is vegetation that exists there, keep all the vegetation trimmed two feet away from the outdoor unit to stay safe from the blockage in the summer season when the weather is too warm.



In the end, it concludes that the maintenance and cleanliness of the air conditioner are very important to increase its life. Proper maintenance and repairs on time prove beneficial for the users of the air conditioner users as it enhances its functioning and keeps the air conditioner in perfect condition for a longer period. It also proves the fact that if you don’t spend money on the maintenance of your air conditioner, its performance gets worse with time, and in the end, it becomes destroyed. At this point, you need to invest double the money in buying the new and fresh air conditioner. So, it is better to invest in maintenance and smaller repairs to avoid major expenses.  Moreover, it also saves you from any serious damage.

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