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Tiong Bahru

 Tiong Bahru as the traditional estate of Singapore

There have been many developments and changes in the cities around various countries. These changes make them able to compete with the others like them. These cities should prosper in a way which attracts more tourists and also allows the residents to lead their lives with comfort. Singapore is a very small country with many small cities. These cities possess different cultures and specialties which invite people towards them. These cities have been working in the direction to provide the people with all their needs and expectations. They are witnessing a phase of development which will help the people to raise their standards of living.

The city Tiong Bahru

This is a housing estate which is located in the central region of the country within the Bukit Merah planning Area. These are the first projects which were accomplished by the SIT, Improvement Trust of the country.  These estates consist of about thirty apartments with almost 900 blocks within them. Also, there are many HBD flats and other condominiums along with these. These blocks are generally two to five-storied buildings with three to five roomed apartments. The ‘city name’ Tiong Bahru means Tiong for cemetery and Bahru for new. This is because the area consists of many dotted cemeteries which are considered as good as the cemeteries in the Chinatown. We do provide the aircon servicing in Tiong Bahru  and nearby areas.

This area possesses a different style of construction. This style of construction is a mix of the Straits Settlements and the Streamline Moderne shop house architectures.  These flats consisted of rounded balconies, spiral staircases, flat rooftops and many more features. These features made these apartments special creations. These traditional designs still continue to be in use even after this high development phase.  These were a part of the projects of the Housing and Development Board. The flats in these areas represent the aesthetic art decoration theme. These are therefore constructed with some unique designs. All these are almost identical to their ‘matchbox’ style.

Something about the Present

In the recent years, there has been a decline in the population of Tiong Bahru. These are the results of growth among the residents. The population has grown to be more sophisticated and affluent since the economic boom in the 1970s and 1980s. Therefore to experience the sleek model designs of the new era apartments the people started to move to other places. However, these have to lead to the growth of these areas also. These areas still act as a home for many of the folk cultures here.

Some Phases of Development

Along with moving time, there have been many changes in these areas and also the choices of people. Therefore to comfort the resident population, there are many new plans being implemented. These included the construction and settlement of various commercial hubs and entertainment sources for the people there.  There are also many medical centers and hospitals to cater medical facilities to the residents of the place. Therefore it can be said that like any other countries Singapore and the various cities within it are going through a high development era. These have been useful to attract people from other nations and also increase the chances of a better global trade.

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