Aircon Servicing in Tanjong Rhu

Aircon Servicing in Tanjong Rhu

 Tanjong Rhu: the journey from shipyards to commercial areas in Singapore

There are many places around the world, and all these places have their own specialties. These places are generally countries which are constituted through different cities. There are many factors which make a city perfect. These factors include many such factors which can lead to the overall growth of the nation also. Singapore has been the choice of many people throughout the world. The places in this country have been attracting many tourists from over the world. People also move towards these to experience the different culture represented by these places and the people living there. Therefore to make these places to be able to compete with the others there were many new plans.

Tanjong Rhu

This is one of the affluent residential areas in Kallang in the central regions of the country. This place gained importance as the Singapore Sports Hub lies within the boundaries of the Tanjong Rhu. This structure is defined by the Urban Redevelopment Authority here. This place is located across the Marina Channel and the Marina east at the south of the Tanjong Rhu. This place is also served by the Tanjong Rhu Road which is going to be the location of the Tanjong Rhu MRT station. The ‘city name’ Tanjong Rhu means sand split. This area was known as the Sandy Point in the olden times. We do provide the aircon servicing in Tanjong Rhu and nearby areas.

This is also the location for the national stadium which has the capacity of 55000 spectators. This has been one of the most significant investments in this city. These are all besides the residential areas in the Tanjong Rhu. There have been many more factors which make this place to be one of the best ones here.

Something from History

Tanjong Rhu was traditionally associated with ship building and repairing since the very ancient times. In the late 1980s and the early 1990s, this area used to be an industrial area with lots of shipyards. However, there have been certain changes since then. The ship yards from that period have been relocated somewhere else and have been replaced by the condominiums. The folk of the town is now very different than what it used to be before. The new residential developments in the Tanjong Rhu have been the reasons for growth in these areas. These residential areas were, however, being generated by the private developers in the place.

It is now very different environment in these areas, and these have been growing faster than ever before.

The modern town

Since the time these places were found and people settled here, there have been a lot of changes. There are now new job opportunities for the residents. These have led to better living standards for them. Due to these changes, there are many new chances of globalization. Other than expanding the global trade these also lead to the increase in the number of tourists that attracted towards the country. Therefore there is no harm to say that the cities in Singapore are witnessing their journey towards considerable growth. Individual cities can help in the overall pick up by a country.

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