Aircon Servicing in Tanjong Pagar

Aircon Servicing in Tanjong Pagar

 Tanjong Pagar: the city holding importance in the history and presence of Singapore

There are many cities and towns which constitute a perfect country. These have been found for many years and have been witnessing many changes also. There are many factors which need to be changing continuously as per the requirements of the current activities in the world. An economy should be able to move hand in hand with the global growth. Singapore is a famous small country in Asia which is among the first choices of many tourists. This has been possible because of the amazing cities consisted within it. These cities have known to represent different cultures and lifestyles which make them interesting places for tourists.

Tanjong Pagar

This is one of the historic places located in the central areas of this country. This is one of the central business districts here and comes under the planning zones of the Urban Redevelopment Authority. This place also possesses many special features and historic events like the others. The ‘city name’ suggests the origin of this place as a fishing village which was situated on a headland. The meaning of this name is the “cape of stakes.” It is often believed that this name was based on the presence of the Kelongs which were set up along the coast. These Kellongs were fishing traps which were made using cross pieces and wooden stakes. We do provide the aircon servicing in Tanjong Pagar and nearby areas.

Like any other places, there are many historic events related to this place also. The place has been through so many changes since so many years. The earlier name of this place was Tanjong Passar which was set according to a road which passed through the South Bridge Road up till the fishing village. This place is now the best stop for tourists and also a comfortable home to the residents. It is often heard that the original name of the place was Salinter.

Something about the history and present

This place was concentrated with thousands of Chinese and Indian dockworkers for many years. These dockworkers were immigrants to the country in the nineteenth century. This place used to be one of the lucrative grounds for many rickshaw pullers waiting for their clients. These have known to transform into something new these days. Therefore the existence of these people was prevalent in this place. Since 1864 these docks had started attracting the wealthy Chinese, and this is how the journey moved on.  Therefore there is no wrong to say that the place possesses a bright history and a bright future is arriving too.

The Modern Town

This place has been a part of the government’s conservation plan and has witnessed numerous changes throughout the development phase till now. There are some marks of the past remaining with the city. These include an old swimming pool, a cobbler but the main face has changed. This is now one of the most fashionable districts of this country. These features have been attracting many people towards the country. Filled with new restaurants, bars and many business units, this city in Singapore is playing a major role in the growth. This was and continues to be an important part of this nation.

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