Aircon Servicing in Tampines

Aircon Servicing in Tampines

 The journey of Tampines, Singapore from forests to townships

The development of a country is ascertained by considering the growth of the cities within it. There are many places throughout the world which are known for their own special features. These features are related either to the present growth or the history of these places. There are certainly many changes in the lifestyles, infrastructure and the taste of people. Singapore is also one among such countries whose cities have experienced continuous changes. These changes were due to the different rules, changing time and requirement and the people who lived there.  Therefore for an explorer, there is a lot to know about these places.

The city Tampines

This is one of the residential areas locate in the eastern parts of the country. Like the al, other cities this place also holds importance in this country. To the west of this city are Paya Lebar and Bedok, to the north is Pasir Ris, Changi to the East and Singapore Straits to the South. In the northern portion is located the New Tampines. This is the third largest town in the country regarding the area, covering over 2089 hectares. Also, it is the third most populated towns of the country holding the population of 261,230. This place falls within the new towns and therefore can cover the levels of development in a much better way. We do provide the aircon servicing in Tampines and nearby areas.

In the earliest past, this place used to be covered with sand quarries, forests, and swamps. Until the year 1987, this used to be the part of military training areas. The ‘city name’ is given after Sungei Tampines who got the name from the Tampines trees. The Tampines Road areas are some of the oldest areas in that place. This place has also gone through many changes and formed some new cultures from the original existence. These changes have been holding the most important role in the development and growth of these towns into the best places to live.

The Modern Phase

Along with time many things need to be changed according to the requirements of the current time. The town which once used to be covered with swaps and forests is now a commercial hub accommodating a huge population. The development of the new town began in the year 1978 with the construction of several neighborhoods. Earlier Tampines used to be a part of some rubber plantations which were converted to estates. The year 1986 and 1988 were the peak years for the development of the north division of the Tampines. This place was among the fastest paced expansions in the country which had several divisions.

There were many MRT plans and township layouts which were executed during the year 1979 to 1982. All these plans were carried out through the new techniques of construction and therefore designed new patterns. The ‘city name’ Tampines is no more considered as the area with swamps and forests. This city is now able to provide accommodation and new career opportunities to the people coming towards it.  Therefore the development phase has not left any of the places without growth. The best example of this can be the cities like Tampines.

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