Aircon Servicing in Sengkang

Aircon Servicing in Sengkang

About Heritage and economic development of Sengkang 

Sengkang is a beautiful town belongs to North-East region of Singapore. Seletar, Pasir Ris, Hougang, and Punggol share the boundaries with Sengkang. Originally, this place used to be a fishing village but development in this area transforms the picture of the village. HBD built housing estates, and the town is being a combination of four neighborhoods.

Origin of Sengkang

Sengkang is a Chinese name with a meaning of “prosperous harbor.” This name has been derived from Lorong Sengkang Road. Kangkar was the former name of the area, and the significance of this word is “port foot.” There was used to be the fishing port in this area due to which the place named kangkar. The village flourished by pepper, rubber, fishing villages and plantation of pineapple. We do provide the aircon servicing in Sengkang and nearby areas.

Rewind the history of Sengkang

Before the development of this town, pig farms and vegetables were grown there. Punggol Ruler Center was the only public housing estate belongs to that time. In 2005, ruler center blocks were demolished, and expensive blocks apartments were build. A team of urban design took the responsibility to develop this village area into a residential area. After this, six neighborhoods have since been carved in Sengkang in which house for 95,000 people was build.

Talking about the newly build town theme then Sengkang rich history helped them to decide the best theme for the city. Marine sub-theme has been given to three neighborhoods. The rest of the neighborhood design is a reflection of the past natural beauty of the town. Besides this, the color scheme of each neighborhood is according to their themes and designs. One can still see a fishing village type area which is surrounded by pineapple trees. Through this design, Sengkang people relive the past days and rewind their history.

At Rivervale, first block apartment of the town was build in 1997. In 2001, till the beginning of August; dwelling had been completed by 33,700 units. In 2006, about 39,982 units and three eighty-four HBD apartments had since been build in Sengkang.

Subzone of Sengkang

There are total seven sun-zones in Sengkang and here are their names:





Town center of Sengkang

Lorong Halus North and,

Sengkang West


City planners of Sengkang planned a transportation mode that should be beneficial in future. The government here focuses on the usage of public transport to reduce pollution in the town. Besides this, Sengkang town is far from the central city of Singapore, and thus a high-speed and high-volume transportation facility are preferred by the city planners. With integrated MRT and Sengkang bus interchange, one can travel very comfortably and with maximum conform through this transport mode.

Population and politics

Taking about the constitution and politics then Denise Phua is the mayor of Central CDC, and Teo Ser Luck is the mayor of North East CDC. Gan Thiam Poh, Low Thia Khiang, Teo Ser Luck, Charles Chong and Lam Pin Min are the members of Parliament. Sengkang total population is two lakh six thousand and six hundred and eighty.

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