Aircon Servicing in Punggol

Aircon Servicing in Punggol

Have fun with  waterpark and SAFRA Punggol

Punggol means a stump of a tree, and there are suggestions that it is a Tamil world related to Pongal. Pongal is celebrated in India when the sun enters the sign of Capricorn. However, the word Pongal turns to Punggol.

Punggol is planning area of a Singapore which has about 109,750 populations, and the population density is 12000/square km. It covers almost 9.34 square km in the country while it has 3.74 square km residents.

Punggol Water Park in City

To enjoy a lot and make the day fun full the city includes Water Park. It is the section of waterway i.e. the Punggol water way, and it is located along the Central Crescent. This park is divided into four segments these are –

  • Nature Cove
  • Recreation Zone
  • Green Gallery
  • Heritage Zone

Both sides of the water way, the cycling path are designed for walking and cycling. The water park also includes the water playground for kids that they can enjoy a lot. Many benches are well arranged around the park for talking rest and enjoy the breeze as you feel something like sounding, splashing, trickling, and cascading water. You can find wide greenery in the park that attracts different birds, look out the birds while doing so.

The water park is connected to the North eastern riverine loop, except it, three parks are also available in the city. The water park is built near to the residential place that increases the beauty of a residential place. There are many health benefits for the residents to have the water park near to their place. It provides fresh air as well as has the walking track in the park.

SAFRA Punggol

It is the ideal destination for NSmen and their families to enjoy or mix the fun in their life. It includes the first indoor water playground, some education centers, and the largest Nuturestars preschool. The SAFRA Pungle also includes some fitness centers, health care centers, gym, and electronic darts bar, spa and yoga studio. This club also offers a number of different games facility which is more than another club. The badminton court and swimming pool are taking place in this club. It offers running, cycling and rollerblading and other water activities that are being explored. We do provide the aircon servicing in Punggol and nearby areas.


It is the planning area which includes 7 subzones namely, matilda, Northshore, Punggol, Oney island, Punggol Field, Punggol canal, Punggol town center, and water way east. It comprises bus services to connect their people. The Singapore bus service is available to go for further places and also you can use local traveling mediums. It includes MRT station which is inexpensive to travel.

Education institutes

The planning area comprises some primary and secondary schools those are-

Top primary school in Punggol

  • Edgefield Primary School
  • Mee Toh School
  • Punggol Green Primary School
  • Oasis Primary School
  • Waterway Primary School

Top secondry schools

Greendale and Punggole secondary schools are best for secondary education.

Along with the primary and secondary school it includes Singapore institute of technology that is the technical institute in the punggole.

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