Aircon Servicing in Pasir Ris

Aircon Servicing in Pasir Ris

Pasir ris: Singapore Petroleum Company and Esso

The Pasir ris is the planning area of Singapore as well as the residential area and it is located in the east region of Singapore.  It shares their boundary with Paya Lebar and Tampines to the south, Sengkang to the southwest and, change from the east.  It is the planning area which shares their riverine to the Punggol to the west, and Maritime boundary to the North east islands.

Population according to 2015

  • Total population- 139,890
  • Population density – 9,300/square km

Are of the city

  • Total area covered- 15.02 square km
  • Residential- 3.18 square km

Travelling facilities

Traveling facility of any city boosted the development of a city that people can easily access it. As it is located in the western region of Singapore where popular cities are available, and also it includes subzones. That is why it has wide transport facility are-

  • SBS ( Singapore Bus services)
  • MRT ( Mass Rapid Transit), fastest railway service in Singapore
  • Local traveling agencies
  • Car, Cabs, taxi and much more

These provide better accessibility of city, and it is one of the higher ranked cities in the country about the population that is why it includes a number of vehicles for providing travelling facility. We do provide the aircon servicing in Pasir Ris and nearby areas.

Education platforms in the city

It is the planning area which includes about 8 subzones and where the estimated population is 139,890. It has a high number of students as compare to other. So you can find some primary, and secondary schools.

Top primary schools in Pasir ris

  • Casuarina Primary School
  • Meridian Primary School
  • Pasir Ris Primary School
  • White Sands Primary School

Top secondary schools in Pasir ris

  • Greenview Secondary School
  • Loyang Secondary School
  • Meridian Secondary School
  • Hai Sing Catholic School

Except these, international school is also available in this city which is Overseas Family School.

Subzones of the Paris ris

  • Loyang East
  • loyal West
  • Flora Drive
  • Paris Ris Central
  • Paris ris park
  • Paris ris west which is also known as Wafer Feb park
  • And Elias
  • Paris ris Drive

These are the subzones which are located into the paris ris planning area.

It is also famous for the temple, mosques and other religion worship places. You can find,

  • Sakya Tenphel Ling Buddhist temple
  • Divine Mercy Church,
  • Masjid Al-Istighfar mosque and
  • Other Protestant churches.

Commercial buildings

As it is the large living and planning area, it requires some commercial buildings. You can find hotels, mall, shopping zones, food corners and much more. Due to present of industrial companies, many people get an occupation, and that is why it is a wide commercial place. Some government agencies, private firms, and companies are also available in the Pasir ris. E-Hub shopping mall, Elias Mall, paris ris west plaza are the famous shopping zones in this planning area.


As Pasir ris includes some industries, companies, and most important part petrol and diesel station it plays a major role in the country’s economy. Singapore Petroleum Company, Esso petrol, and Shell (loyal Ave) are available here. That provides wide required economic help to the country.

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