Aircon Servicing in Orchard Road

Aircon Servicing in Orchard Road

The best shopping street in the Singapore: Orchard Road

Orchard Road is the shopping hub in the Singapore where numbers of retail and entertainment hubs are available. The area has wide tourist attraction due to having the lots of shopping zones. This place is also known as the Tanglin which is a Market Street and fakir’s place (Vaira Kimadam in regional language). It includes Chinese, Singaporean and Tamils residential. Orchard is the planning area having a population about 890 and are covered by it is 0.96 square km. It is the planning are which includes 3 subzones, and these are namely, boulevard, sumerset, and tanglin and they posses population 240, 60, and 410 respectively. The data about population is taken by 2016 population counting.

It is a planning area which is specified by urban redevelopment authority. Orchard comes under the central region of Singapore, and it shares their boundaries with Tanglkin in the West, Newton in the East and North, River Valley in south and Museum to the southeast. We do provide the aircon servicing in Orchard Road and nearby areas.

History about Orchard Road:

This place named itself from pepper, nutmeg, and fruit orchards and the development started in the 20th century. Flashfloods occurred in the road junction on 16 June 2010. It was 100mm rain fell at morning from 8 is to 11 am. It is the biggest flood tragedy at the junction and various buildings, shopping malls home and other buildings are affected due to heavy rain fall. The flash flood also damaged the vehicle which was parked in underground parking. This heavy rain fall lined with high-end tourist attraction and shopping malls.

Shopping centers

It is not a big city but has a number of shopping platforms. But the best shopping centers are Ngee Ann City, Wisma Atria, Plaza Singapore, Lucky Plaza, and the paragon.

Wisma Atria:

It was opened in 1986, and it is renovated currently. It has about 900 seat food court which is on a 4th floor of the mall. It is run by the Bread Talk Group.

Ngee Ann City:

In Orchard Road shopping belt it is the biggest shopping mall. It includes branded products, boutiques as well as Japanese department stores. It includes southern Asia’s second largest bookstore.

Plaza Singapore

The mall was opened in 1974, and it is located next to the Istana. It includes theater, cinema hall, fashion accessories, and much more. It is renovated twice, once in 1998 and second is 2003.

Lucky Plaza

It includes a huge amount of Philippines products that is why it is crowded on Sunday.

The Paragon

It is a popular shopping mall in Orchard road that it includes branded products like Gucci, Prada, and much more.


The MRT i.e. Mass Rapid Transit interchange station connects all the major cities and also by the SBS. Along with Singapore bus services you can take local buses and taxi facility for traveling. Many of the tourists are interested in making a weekend in the Orchard Road because it has world-class facilities like hotels, restaurants, tourist places, shopping hubs, and else.

 The best landmark is available in the Orchard Road i.e. the house for the president of Singapore. It is the best shopping street as well safe.

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