Aircon Servicing in Lavender

Aircon Servicing in Lavender

How to know about Lavender Singapore city?

Lavender is the place of Singapore which is under the Kallang planning area. It links with another city by the MRT station and is located near the Rochor River. It is named after the Lavender Street which is near to the Rochor River. There are two important landmarks are available in the city they are –

  • Jalan Beasar Stadium
  • Tai Pei Buddhist Centre

The Jalan Stadium was inaugurated in 1929, and the Buddhiest center was founded in 1937. It is an urban area and does not change so much after independence. Usually, Singapore is one of the countries which have increasing development percentages but some areas of it struggling for innovation. It is the subzone of Kallang city which is the planning are and equipped with some faculties. To go for Lavender, you have to access Kallng city first.

Population and area

It is a small rural area of the Singapore which came under the Kallang city planning area. It is the small subzone of Kallang having 0.76 km2 area and estimated population is 10,210. The population is taken from the 2016 population counting, and it may vary little. Comparatively, it has small space but large population.

Contact with another city

The Lavender city is located in the central region of Singapore. It is physically connected to other cities by road.  This are-

  • Boon keng
  • bendemeer
  • Crawford
  • Geylang Bahru
  • Kallang bahru
  • Kampong bugis
  • Tanjoing rhu

Bus services

While travelling in a Lavender city of Singapore, you can take Singapore bus services which are the government bus service of Singapore. Except this there are many private bus agencies are available in the city which takes you to the planning area where you can find all the facility, some local buses are also available in this area.

Railway transportation in Lavender

The MRT i.e. Mass Rapid Transit is the fastest train in the Singapore city which covers almost the major city in the country. You can find the MRT station at Kallang station. You can reach to the station by road. This is very famous travelling medium by the passengers for going far as it is inexpensive as compare to other mediums. Also it is more comfortable than other. We do provide the aircon servicing in Lavender and nearby areas.

Other facilities

It is the small rural subzone of kallang but it has some hotel and restaurant facilities. Also you can find some inexpensive food items in the city. The housing and developments view you can watch in the city that is only the developed are of the city. Namely it is blocked 805 king avenue. With this you can also find some shopping facility in the city. the fashion accessories, daily need items, clothes, electronic items,  health care centers and much more.

As the area is small but includes all the daily needs and some special needs. It is the subzone which is poor then other. It comes in the Kallang planning area which is in the central region of the Singapore. The Lavender is near to the little India i.e. named for Indian populated area.

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