Aircon Servicing in Jurong West

Aircon Servicing in Jurong West

Things to know in Jurong West in Singapore

It is then part of Singapore having an area about 14.69 square km and the residential about 4.8 square km. And the population is about 272,660 and the population density is about 19,000. All the data is taken from 2015 population counting of Singapore. It is connected to the East Jurong by road as well as MRT. MRT refers as Mass Rapid Transit which connects all the major city of Singapore. It is high-speed train runs across the country. Jurong West is namely located in the west region of the Singapore. It is also rich from greenery that many people love to make weekend here.

Talking about education platforms

The growth of any country or city directly depends on the education platforms. Highly educated people works worldwide and help to increase their countries economy. The West Jurong has about 24 primary and secondary schools and the university. The name of the university is Nanyang Technical University. It is the best technical universities in Singapore. It is located at Yunnan. It is best education hub where some students make futures. Hundreds of faculties are available here for providing better guidance to students. We do provide the aircon servicing in Jurong West and nearby areas.

About politics of Jurong West

It is divided in into three GRCs namely, Chua Chu Kang, West Coast and Jurong. It is divided into two SMCs namely, Pioneer and Hong Kah North.

Shopping facility in Jurong West

Locally, you will find many stores for shopping, but if you would like to shop from a mall, then you have to go for Jurong Point Shopping Mall. Another one is Taman Jurong Shopping mall. Both are near to the center part of the city. Both are well linked to the bus services that you don’t need to wander much.

These malls facilitate selling of food, fashion accessories, sports, entertainments, cloth stores, health care and much more. Boon Lay MRT station is also linked to these malls, and also it is easily accessible by local buses.


Singapore is a beautiful country that the people love to make their weekend. The Jurong West is also rich from greenery and world class hotels that offer people to make their weekend here. Famous tourism stations are-

  • Singapore discovery center
  • And Singapore army museum

Both are the famous tourism center in the Signore. The SDC (Singapore discover Center) is established in 1988 for showcase the history. It is the education tool, about the history of city or SAF. It is a place that provides plenty for thinking about the future of Singapore and the future challenges of it.

In 2012 the SDC was awarded the Work-Life Achiever Ward by Tripartite Committee. After this, it is also awarded the MiDAS i.e. Minister for Defense award.

The Singapore was in under the flag of Britain, Japan, and Malaysia before independence. After this, it starts their developments and gets the present state. It is fastest growing countries. The Jurong West and other cities are well developed which includes hotels, education institutes, government agencies, private multinational companies, private firms and much more.





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