Aircon is a blessing and one of the greatest technologies people can build in the 21st century. Aircon has become the basic necessity of people living in Singapore. As the climate of Singapore is hot and humid people cannot imagine their life without aircon. The indoor aircon system protects you from heat waves. Also, the use of air conditioners is no longer a luxury, it is essential for a comfortable life. However, users forget to take care of the air conditioner like their own car. If you are wondering if it is time for your next inspection, talk about how often these appointments are made to your nearest Air Conditioning Services expert. This blog covers everything aircon users need to know about maintenance and air conditioning services!

 How often do you need to repair your air conditioner?

 You must get your aircon serviced at least twice a year. Why do you have to get its services twice a year? The reason is simple. If your air conditioner might not work, your air conditioner may not work during the hotter months. Therefore, the first round is just before summer, making sure that all rusted parts (if any) are cleaned, dirt is removed from the socket, and each component is thoroughly inspected. The second round is 5-6 months after the last maintenance round. In short, servicing the air conditioner twice a year is the best way to enjoy energy-efficient consumption, optimal 24-hour cooling, and improved air quality. Some people wait over a year to get their AC maintenance trip. However, this is an expensive issue and more expensive than the two rounds that take place twice a year.  

What are the benefits of regular air conditioning maintenance? 

1) Reduce maintenance costs.

 2) An air conditioning system that works optimally.

3) Lower your electricity bill.

4) Long life of the machine.

But how can I remember to contact an air conditioner repair service near me? The answer is simple! If you’re having trouble booking an air conditioner maintenance round, etc., getting aircon maintenance contacts can be very helpful.


Should you sign a regular AC repair contract?  

If you like to save money and own real estate that needs effective cooling for hours all day, this deal will help you a lot. Today, HVAC repair and maintenance companies like AC Works offer regular visits to keep their air conditioners in top condition, and contracting with them can save you money. If you are satisfied with the performance, you can renew your annual contract.


What are the benefits of an aircon maintenance contract? 

Priority service: 

Air conditioner failure One of the biggest challenges during the peak summer season is to take the repair company to your location right away. Due to the huge number of customers and emergency air conditioner repairs, you will probably have to wait. When you have a contract with a company like AC Works Phoenix, you have priority over anyone else.

Additional service at no additional cost: 

One of the best parts of an AC repair and maintenance contract is to receive additional service at no additional cost. If you pay the contract amount, all work will be the same amount.

 Discounts on parts and accessories:

Parts may need to be replaced during the life of the AC. Electrical failures, burnouts of parts, or component failures can be costly to repair. However, if you contract with such a repair company, you can get a big discount.

Periodic inspection routine:

Air conditioner maintenance does not require additional sticky notes to mark the calendar. The company makes sure they perform regular checks to keep your air conditioner in top condition.


What is included in the maintenance of the air conditioner?

 Maintenance of home air conditioners is a step towards extending and maintaining the life of your machine. Technicians can perform some basic and complex tasks to make sure that the air conditioner repair process is worth the money. Below are some of the steps you take when calling your home to an AC maintenance company.

1) Clean and lubricate the parts of the aircon system to ensure they are fully functional.

2) Measure airflow and power flow throughout the system to improve energy efficiency.  

3) Check individual parts such as compressors to ensure constant cooling of the air conditioner.

4) Clean the drain, which may be clogged with grease, mold, and other debris.  

5) Check and correct the compressor gas value for optimum cooling.  

6) Mutually inspect your home thermostat to make sure the air conditioner is working and readjust if necessary.


Final words

It may seem like too simplistic information, but regular maintenance visits can change your sense of comfort. Imagine that you do not have to worry about the air conditioner turning off or malfunctioning in the heat of summer. Getting your aircon service can make sure that your home air conditioner works the way you want. When you make an appointment, or better yet, when you sign up for a maintenance contract with the professional, you do not have to get worried!


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