Aircon Servicing in Hougang

Aircon Servicing in Hougang

What are the important facilities and places in hougang?

The planning area hougang is a major part of the Singapore city in the North East of the city. It is recognized as a major residential area of the city. The population of this part is very high, and in the year 2016, it is estimated around 222,870.  It is a highly dense area regarding population and has a density of around 16000 inh./square km. The area of this region is approximated as 14 square km. The postal code of the Hougang planning area is 19, which is also called as postal district number. It is a housing area that includes ten subzones.

The surrounding areas of this town of Singapore

This planning area is one of the most populous regions of this city. This resident town is sharing its borders with the Geylang planning area in the South direction as well as Serangoon in the West direction. In the east direction there is Paya Lebar area and in the southeast Bedok is situated. The Senkang is situated in the north direction whereas theToa Payoh is in the southwest direction of the hougang. Thus, it has many adjacent areas and surrounded by many areas. We do provide the aircon servicing in Hougang and nearby areas.

The major facilities within the Hougang

Even this area has a distance from the central area of the city; it is popular as the heartland of the city. It is popular for its commercial activities, and many people daily come here for shopping. Here, some malls are listed that are within this area:

  • Hougang Mall
  • Heartland Mall
  • Kang Kar Mall
  • Serangoon Shopping Centre

As it is far from the other areas especially the central region of Singapore, all the required facilities are available in this area. It is developed considering that it become a self-sufficient area that has all the necessary amenities for the residents. They include Sports Hall, stadium, few parks including Punggol Park and many wet markets. It has a sports complex which is an indoor complex as well as some hawker’s center.

The other major transportation facilities in this area are the MRT stations as well as a central bus terminal. The Hougang MRT station is situated behind bus terminal and the Mall. The other MRT station is the Kovan Station beside the Heartland Mall in this region. The bus terminal of this area is a large and highly facilitated for the residents. The people residing there can go to other parts of the city by using the bus services. It has various bus services and operators that have many buses to all the main parts of the Singapore. It is not so hard to people to get there, as they can use bus or MRT services.

About the educational facilities

The educational facilities in Hougang are good, as there are many schools as well as colleges within the region. The Serangoon Junior College is the primary college in the area. There are many secondary schools such as Bowen secondary school, Montfort Secondary School, and many other schools. There are mainly nine primary schools in the Hougang.  There are some good restaurants and affordable hotels in this region.



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