Having a noisy aircon is a common issue that affects a lot of aircon users. The reason might be because of a particular internal problem or it can be as extensive as numerous defective components inside the system. Nonetheless whatsoever the culprit is, individuals familiar with the issue can all narrate to the loud, grating, and clicking noise of a noisy aircon. Overlooking the furtive sounds from your aircon can turn slight issues into big expenses, as these noises might signal anything from requiring a simple tune-up to expensive repairs, to — worst situation — replacement of the whole unit. The earlier you can find the cause of the noise and resolve your aircon problems, the better.

Here are a few common noises your aircon system might make and what they might mean.

  • Aircon Banging Sound

Banging is typically a sure sign that there is a wobbly or damaged component — a linking rod, piston pin, or crankshaft — in the aircon compressor. Or maybe, your inner blower is unstable. A banging sound might similarly specify that your unit requires a compressor replacement.

  • Aircon Clicking Sound

The clicking of electrical components at start and shutdown is a usual element of the aircon operation, on the other hand, continuous or constant clicking is not usual. It might be a sign of a flawed control or a deteriorating thermostat. There are a lot of electrical components in your aircon, therefore it is vital to pay consideration to possible electrical problems as soon as possible before you have major issues on your hand. 

  • Aircon Clanking Sound

Clanking is one more sign of a wobbly or out-of-balance component. The components inside the closed unit have probably failed, and the compressor itself might have become wobbly, perhaps requiring a replacement. This noise can similarly mean that the inner blower or outer fan and its blades are out of balance as well as hitting additional parts. These kinds of problems will merely get worse and generate bigger issues if overlooked.

  • Aircon Buzzing Sound

A buzzing noise from your outer unit might mean:


  • Wobbly components
  • Wreckage in either the inner or outer unit
  • The external fan motor is wobbly or about to fail
  • Fan blades are wobbly or out of balance
  • The condenser coil has to be cleaned
  • The air strainer has to be changed
  • Refrigerant leakages, ensue in your aircon freezing up. If it is conditioning not cooling, this might be why.

If your aircon unit seems to be running outside but is not cooling inside, the issue is probably a refrigerant leakage. This might or might not go along with any revealing noises, depending on how bad the leakage is and where it is situated.


  • Aircon Squealing Sound

Blower and fan sound for example squeaks, squeals, and rattles might be spread through the duct system. Outer fan motors and inner blower motors squeal noisily when they are going bad. The blower wheel and cover will similarly squeal when they break down. For some aircon, this sound is usual upon start-up. You must be able to classify whether it is a noise that the aircon at all times makes or if it is something different.

  • Aircon Humming Sound

A humming sound usually is not serious, nonetheless, it still signals that something in your aircon is off. Wobbly components and refrigerant piping can cause shuddering and, if left unchecked, can cause more severe maintenance problems. Occasionally humming or buzzing sounds point to electrical issues. If the compressor whines and declines to start, there might be a problem with the motor, though unfastened wiring might trigger this noise, also. 

  • Aircon Screaming Sound

If you listen to high-pitched shrilling or screaming, shut the aircon off and call an expert immediately. The most possible cause is a refrigerant leakage, which not merely damages your aircon but can similarly threaten your family’s health. Screaming may similarly show high internal pressure in your compressor, which is very unsafe. If your aircon turns off on its own, do not panic. Consider this a good thing. A sensor is doing its work to defend you from a possibly dangerous situation.

  • Aircon Chattering/Rattling Sound

A rattling sound can mean that your aircon is starting to worsen, and some of its components are slackening. The additional cause might be twigs or leaves that have blocked your system. The electrical contractor in the unit can similarly make a chattering noise, which can damage other gears comprising the compressor if permitted to continue. One more culprit might be the fan, which rattles when wobbly. Your primary line of defense is to check for unfastened screws or rods in the aircon casing, clean condenser loops, and change your inner air filter. 

  • Aircon Pulsating Sound

An aircon making a pulsating sound is not essentially a bad sign — a slight pulsing noise can be seamlessly normal when the aircon is working. However, if your outer aircon unit is making a pulsating sound that you can hear from inside the home, it might be a sign that something has come wobbly in the system and has to be replaced. Some possible culprits include the fan motor and blades, however, any unfastened piece or part might cause a pulsing sound in your aircon.

  • Aircon Whirring Sound

If your aircon sounds like an airplane, you might have one of any number of mechanical issues with either the inner blower or the outer unit. Usually, a whirring noise in an aircon is the outcome of bad bearings in the inner blower fan motor or a defective fan in either the inner blower unit or the outer unit. When the blades begin to come unfastened or the fan otherwise begins to fall apart, a humming, helicopter-ish sound can occur. There may similarly be a bad or wrecked belt somewhere in the aircon. 

However, the issue is not always a defective part. Occasionally, a piece of paper or other wreckage can get stuck in either the inner blower fan or the outer fan unit, causing a speedy, helicopter-blade-like whirring sound.




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