Aircon Servicing in Eunos

aircon servicing in eunos

Some important facts and info about the Eunos subzone

Geylang is located in the central part of Singapore country. It is a small but main part of this country. In this town, there is a further small place that is called as eunos. It is the subzone situated in this central town of this nation. It is also popular as well as commonly known as Geylang East among the people. This small locality is served by the metro stations Eunos MRT as well as Paya Lebar. There is no problem of transportation in this area, as it is not only served by the metro but also by road and bus services. The subzone is spread into an area of around 2.58 square km in the Singapore.

The name of this subzone is given to a road known as Jalan Eunos. The total estimated population of this area is 33,380 in 2015, and the population density is around 13,000/ square km. This locality is in the central region of the country. Few restaurants are available in this area. There are some good hotels near to this small subzone. This area is near to some good marketplaces as well.

History of this place

This locality is formerly known as the Kampong Melayu that was a Malay village. After some time it was given another name as Kampong Eunos to give a tribute to its founder. The name of the founder of this place is Mohammad Eunos Abdullah.  He was one of the main persons that established and developed this village for Malay people. The population of Malay people is large in this locality. People of other origins are also residing in this place. Here, a shopping mall is situated in this area. This shopping mall is one of the main malls of the Singapore situated in the central part of this country. There are some more shopping centers are available in this place. There are so many small shops, and markets are located in this subzone. Many shops are near the MRT station in this place. We do provide the aircon servicing in Eunos and nearby areas.

How to reach Geylang East?

There are many establishments, and places are located in this area. The Geylang East Library is situated in this area. It is also popular as the National Library. This place is famous among the residents of this country for the Geylang East Industrial Estate that is located at this subzone. The City Plaza is also near to this area. The eunos area not only has the metro stations but also has a busy bus interchange. People can easily and in minimum time travel to this area from other areas of Singapore.

It is connected to all the main regions of this nation. People can reach this area by the transport mediums like taxi, car, railway service and also bus services. The public transport in this area is easily accessible as well as comfortable to use for traveling. People can quickly reach there by the bus transport or the metro services. It is not difficult to go to this place, as it is in the center of Singapore.

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