Aircon Servicing in Changi

Aircon Servicing in Changi

What are the facts about the Changi area of the Singapore city?

The planning area changi is located in the Singapore city which belongs to the east part of this beautiful city. The approximated population of this area is around 2,450 in the year 2016. It has mainly three major subzones that also include the changi Airport. This area is popular for the airport in all over the world. People know this area perhaps for the Airport. This area is also famous for the beautiful beach. People can enjoy the sunset at this beach. It is located around the South China Sea. The amazing fact about the Changi planning area is that it is the largest area according to the land size. The total area of this subdivision of Singapore is around 40.61 square km. Hence, it is biggest planning area of this big city.

This planning area is the part of the eastern end of this city. Another fact about this place is not known by many people. It is that the prison is situated in this place. It is not an ordinary prison, as it is the biggest prison in this country. It is now not used as a jail, but transformed into the Changi Prison Complex. Tanjong Rusa was the old name of this place which is a Malay name. We do provide the aircon servicing in Changi and nearby areas.

The Singapore airport

One of the largest airports in the south region of Asia is the changi airport. It is also known as the Singapore airport. Today, this planning area is famous as the aviation hub all over the globe.  The airport is currently used for both the public and military purpose. This airport connects the Singapore to all the major cities of the globe. It is operating around 100 airlines and a huge number of passengers come daily to the airport. It is an international airport and a very busy airport of the world. People come to the changi for going to the airport. There are so many good hotels in this planning area. It has head offices of many major airlines as well as the air base.

This area is also known for the Japanese School in the Singapore city. There are many destinations for the tourists to see in this area. Every year, a huge number of foreigners comes to this wonderful city situated in south Asia. So, they can go to the beach, park, changi village, boardwalk, new prison and also the airport in this area. The races that are staying in this area are mainly Chinese, Malay, and Tamil.

Another fact about the changi is that it has many good as well as famous restaurants. Many big hotels are located here and they are situated near the airport. A bicycle lane is opening in this area. The area has good transport facility and connected to other main parts of the city. It is adjacent to the Paris Ris and also the Tampines in the west direction. Serangoon Harbour is in the north direction of this planning area. It also consists of some islands as well as water catchments. The changi is the very big area of the Singapore country.

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