Aircon Servicing in Buona Vista

Aircon Servicing in Buona Vista

The useful information about the Buona vista estate of the Singapore city

Buona Vista is a small area located in the Singapore. It comes in a small town called Queenstown in this nation. It is a residential area which is the part of the central Singapore. This estate is also a housing area along with a MRT station. Basically, this estate is located in the one- north subzone as well as the Holland village. The one-north subzone, as well as Holland village, both comes under the Queenstown. In the one-north a business park is situated.  Housing and development board of this is one of the biggest in the world has developed the buona vista housing area. This area is developed in the early 1970s. The area has many residential buildings and flats.

Geographic location and nearby places

This area is located around the Holland drive, Holland close and also Holland Avenue. The neighborhood of this area is Ghim Moh and also another estate dover.  The other places near to this location are Alexandra estate and the Adam Park.  The population of this area is around 600. The area has some small shops.  In this estate, there are few number of restaurants also located. The star vista mall is also known for its restaurant in the Singapore city.

Star Vista Mall

It has a famous mall of the city. The name of mall situated in the area is Star vista. People come in this mall for shopping. The mall has many shops. The buona vista has some another small shops and malls as well. This area is famous for this mall, which is a good destination for traveling and shopping. We do provide the aircon servicing in Buana Vista and nearby areas.

Transport facility

The people can go to this area by bus as well as the metro. The buona vista estate has a Metro station. This station comes under the MRT system of the country. The bus terminal is also located in this small estate. The MRT is known as the Mss Rapid Transit system. It is the primary railway system in the country Singapore. It covers the almost complete city. The people can reach this estate very easily by the metro facility. The people residing in this estate can comfortably travel to other regions by means of railway and bus service. The public transport service is very good and easily accessible in this estate. The MRT is connected to all the main planning areas and locations of the city. It has around 102 stations in the entire city. These stations are operating, and other 52 are developing.

So, here is no problem of transportation. The estate has a very good transport facility. It is connected to almost all the major parts of the city where Chinese and Malaysians are generally staying. People of other races are also live in the estate. In this location, many shops are situated. As it is a housing estate, it has many flats in entire estate. Some flats were constructed for people under the Home Ownership in the past years.  The area has the roads called north as well as South Buona Vista roads. Another great thing is that there are many good hotels around this estate. Some hotels are near the metro station in the estate.

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