Aircon Servicing in Bukit Timah

Aircon Servicing in Bukit Timah

Explore the history of Bukit Timah and know about its present status

Bukit Timah is located at the center of Singapore. The Central business district is 10 km far from this planning area. Here public houses are funded by the government although private sector is responsible for its construction. Besides this, people here prefer to go for public houses as residential houses are very expensive. Owning a property in this area requires a huge bank balance and these residential houses are meant for only wealthy people.


Just like other neighborhood and planning areas of Singapore, the meaning of this name is a Tin Hill, and this one was discovered in 1828. Jackson and Frankin are responsible for the discovery of Bukit Timah. Besides this, Kranji River flow in this area.


Malay community introduced this Bukit Timah because previously this place was partially explored. Many people say that the name of this place was Bukit Temak which means ‘temak trees hills.’ These trees grew on the hill slopes. On the other hand, some people says that the name is an abbreviation which is derived from name Fatimah. And you guess right it is a name of a Malay girl.

There is a road called ‘carriageway’ which leads to a hill of Bukit. For attracting visitors, a chair with a hut was constructed. The hill is said to be beautiful plus cold air make us feel refreshing. Eyam malai is the other name of Bukit Timah, and it is said that the word is a translation of Malay name. Many people say that it is a corresponding word and related to the Turf Club in Singapore. Their people used to visit in the old days, but now this course is not open to the public. We do provide the aircon servicing in Bukit Timah and nearby areas.

Bukit Timah road is twenty-five kilometers long. The construction of road till Kranji was completed in the year 1845. Unfortunately, tigers infested that area and around 200 people were killed by the Tigers. Also, Dr, little and Mr. Thomson traveled on this road on a horse in 1840 plus the ride was completed in four days.


The land value of Bukit Timah is high, and this area has been considered prominent by many people. In 1993, a race course and horse facility was opened in Bukit Timah, but in 1993, this was closed by its owners.

Owning a property in Bukit Timah is very costly as many bungalows, and the nearby areas host expensive lands. One can see the Timah district which was constructed after extending the upper region of this area.


Elite schools of Bukit Timah make this area quite famous. Besides this, there are some international schools there. There are many expatriates live in this area which leads to the construction of international schools. It also has various institutes for higher education.


Bukit Timah is not a very populated region as there are only seventy thousand three hundred and fourteen people live there. Besides this, it is the people of Bukit planning area, and total population can be calculated by adding the people of different subzones.

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