Aircon Servicing in Bukit Panjang

aircon servicing in bukit panjang

Bukit Panjang – about this historic planning area of Singapore

Zhenghua was the former name of Bukit Panjang and now converted into a residential area. West region consists this planning area plus an elongated hill consists a small share of this town. This elongated ridge is low lying plus Bukit Batok bounded this place from the west side. Besides this, just like Bukit Batok, around other five planning area bound this region. Taking about Bukit Panjang then, one can see beautiful bridges.


Their native language is Malay, and Bukit means hill in this mother tongue. Besides this, a long hill is the meaning of Panjang. In Singapore, different places are named according to its appearance. Hanyu Pinyin Romanization has been used to build a new town in Zhenghua. The previous version of Romanization is “Cheng Hwa, ” and later on it changed to Hanyu Pinyin. Previously a common currency was introduced for the trading purpose. After this, Bukit Panjang gets back their lost position when Mandarin was not able to make their place among different people. Besides this, in the form of Zhenghua Park, Zhenghua is still preserved by its population. We do provide the aircon servicing in Bukit Panjang and nearby areas.


This suburban town was reinstated and later on the development process started. Advance earthworks had been performed in the year 1981 on fifteenth June. At the beginning of May in 1985, many HBD flats were built and its lead to the development of neighborhood five, six and four.


Town Council of Holland-Bukit Panjang handles the administrative responsibilities. In it, their job is to maintain and manage commercial units and various apartments. In Bukit Panjang, all matters related to commercial apartments are the headache of this town council.


In a comparison of other estates, this town is quiet, but this city housing development is on the peak. You will see house and apartments which are made from a combination of old and modern style. Classic designs are included, and it will reflect the culture and history of the old town. Taking about community centers then there are total three of them. Here are their names:

  • Panjang community club
  • Senja-Cashew community and,
  • Zhenghua Community

The purpose of these communities is to entertain and educate the citizens of Bukit Panjang. Besides this, they also perform recreational activities.


Amenities include a shopping mall, and Bukit Panjang is the largest one in this planning area. Besides this, MRT stations are nearby this mall plus it is at the center of this town. There are many shops in this mall and CapitalReatil is the owner of this mall. This even includes a library and a supermarket named FairPrice.


  • Beacon, Greenridge, West spring primary school
  • Assumption English, Zhen, and Fajar secondary education.


There are two highways in Bukit Panjang i.e. Kranji and Bukit Timah Expressway. They both are quick gateways which connect different towns. Besides this, both of them are readily available by the people who come to Bukit Panjang by using these expressways.


This planning area is densely populated, and its population is one lakh thirty-nine thousand and thirty.

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