Aircon Servicing in Bukit Batok

aircon servicing in bukit batok

Bukit Batok – description of this matured residential town

Bukit Batok is a planning area in Singapore and located within the eastern boundary of West Singapore. According to statics, this is the twenty-fifth largest populated areas when it comes to the Republic. Bukit Batok borders other six planning areas. Chao Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang, Clementi, Bukit Timah, Jurong East and Tengah are the six planning areas. Besides this, there is the geographical formation which is known as Gombak norite plus it is the neighborhood of Bukit. One can see igneous rocks here, and it is also a central location in the late twentieth century.

During World War II, Axis and Allied power conquest this ground and used it for the war. After this, British failed to defend Vicinity, and then, later on, they have to surrender themselves to the Japanese in the year 1942. Bukit Timah battle  fought at that time, and Japanese won the war. This whole chaos was taken place at Ford Motor factory which is known as Hillview in the present day. Besides this, Winston Churchill is described as a subzone during the world war. Japanese have an important role in the history of Singapore as they occupied this subzone around four times. But in September 1945, all this ended. At that point, people had to deal with exhausted resources and poverty. War made this place hell, and it takes many years to get it back to its life.

Development story

In December 1975, Bukit Batok began to develop. This development transformed quarrying village into a new town that is self –sustainable. Besides this, the development had been taken place within a decade, and it becomes peaceful again after all the war chaos.  Besides this, its heritage, ridges and various norite formations are still preserved as they are the important part of its history. Taking about the modern day town features then Bukit Batok Town and Nature Park is its main attraction.


Taking about its origin then it is believed that the place is named Bukit Batok because of its beautiful hilly location. Besides this, there are some interpretations as some say that the chief of this village named it Batok because of the presence of coconut trees on the hills. Coconut is known as Batok in Javanese term. Besides this, granite leads to the formation of this hilly area, and thus they named it Batok because, in Malay language, granite is called Batu. Many people believe that the village named Batok because of its cold atmosphere and climate. So, all these interpretations are related to the naming of this planning area. We do provide the aircon servicing in Bukit Batuk and nearby areas.

Transportation facilities, education, and population’

This contains two MRT stations i.e. Bukit Batok & Bukit Gombak stations. Educational facilities include primary (6), secondary (6) and tertiary institutes that are two in number. Besides this, these institutes are formed because of the combination and shuffling of two institutes.

Besides this, there is one lakh thirty-nine thousand and tow seventy people live in Bukit Batok. This place is highly developed and consist shopping malls and supermarkets.

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