Aircon Servicing in Boon Keng

aircon servicing in boon keng

Complete information about Boon Keng residential area

Singapore consist this residential area which is situated in Kallang. Kallang is another traditional planning area, and a river has surrounded this area. This River has been the longest one in Singapore plus it is bounded by various planning areas like Toa Payoh, Marine Parade, and Geylang. Kallang became the center of attraction when Jalan Besar Stadium was built there plus it is the sports hub of Singapore. National day parade in 2016 was hosted in this stadium. Back to Boon Keng then the area is spun by three streets. They are Boon keg road, Lorong 1 Geylang and Boon Keng Road which is situated at the upper side of this residential area.


Lim Boon Keng used to be the finest Chinese Physician in the late 1880s. This planning area was named in honor of Boon Keng, and one can find about him more there. He promoted educational and social reforms plus he was famous for his justice and helping nature. Fujian province and Longhai City were his ancestries. He was the third generation of his family, and when he grew up, then he moved to Singapore with his entire family. From raffles institution, he has completed his studies in the medical field. At a very young age, Boon Keng lost his parents, and this inspired him to become a physician and server people. He was a Malayan and queen scholarship had been received by him to complete his further studies. Finally, in the year 1892, he was graduated in honors degree with excellent grades.

He was a very kind man, and his contribution brought changes the whole picture of Singapore. He promoted he co-founded child and women education plus Chinese girl’s school in Singapore with one of his best friends. We do provide the aircon service in Boon Keng and nearby areas.


Although Boon Keng is a minuscule subzone, transportation facilities are excellent here. The following transportation facility has served this subzone:

Kallang MRT Station

MRT stands for Mass Rapid Station, and its livery is yellow in color. Kallang River is just around the corner of this station.  The station is at ground level, and this is because of the space limitation. Geylang Bahru and Boon Keng stadium lie within this station.

MRT station BOON Keng

North East lien consisted Boon Keng and situated at the traffic junction and nearby the Boon Keng Road. Whampoa river flow near this station and this station is also known as by the name of DR. Lim Boon Keng.

Bus terminal Lorong 1 Geylang

This bus terminal located at the eastern border of Kallang. It is situated opposite to the MRT station, and a small boarding is an inspiration of this terminal design. Taking about the terminal office, then it is located within the bus parking area. Besides this, the restricted zone of this place is just next to this bus terminal.


Its population is ten thousand nine hundred and seventy. In the past year, its population has been increased.

Boon Keng is a beautiful residential area, and now it is nothing like old Boon Keng as development changed this whole place.

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