Aircon Servicing in Balestier

aircon servicing in balestier

Get information about Balestier city of Singapore

Balestier is the city of Singapore which is located at the center of Singapore. It is near to the Serangoon, Bendemeer and Novena districts. If you are searching the heaven in the Singapore, then you have to go for Balestier for good fare. It is the city which has many historical stories is to tell, and it includes some historical monuments. In today’s time, it has grown and has developed lots of industrial and residential places. If talk about history, it was named after Joseph Balestier. He is the first United state Council of Singapore in the early 1800s. He owned about 1000 acre plantation, and it is known as Balestier plain. After some industrial downfall and the death of his wife, he forced to sell plantation. After some time he returned to the Singapore and continued their work. We do provide the aircon servicing in Balestier and nearby areas. It is a very famous area of the Singapore about to the historical monuments. It includes some historical sites those are-

Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong Temple

It is located at the 249 Balestier roads; the temple was built in 1847. It is also the main focus of the Chinese population in Singapore till present.

Art Deco Shophouses

These houses were built in around 1920s and went popular between 1930 and 1960. It is located at the 230-246 Balestier.

Memorial Hall

It is located at 12 Tai Gin roads and known as SUN Yat Sen Nanyang hall. It was the Chinese revolutionary alliance i.e. the Chinese headquarter.

Former Shaw Brothers Studio

It is located at Jalan Ampas, and it was built in 1937.

Its current status is well defined that it is the developing and residential place. Through the Singapore bus services you can travel across the country. Also you can find the local bus services from the Balestier. It is popular to live because it is cheap to live here. Low-cost housing development and rooms are also available for rent. After the renovation of it, many stallholders came from Thomson’s long house. All the facility available in Balestier like standard education, hotels, restaurants, food corners, industrial areas and job for job seekers that there are many firms are available.

Balestier market, education facility and tranportation

The market is known as OR Kio which means the dark bridge. It was built in the 1920s to provide some facility to the local vendors and hawkers to sell their products. Usually, they sell harvested crops and cooked food but in a current, about all the goods are available in the market.

The road connects Balestier through the central region of Singapore that you can use a different type of buses like Singapore bus services and the weekend buses for going to historical places of Balestier. Singapore is one of the lovely places in the world where people are interested in making the weekend. It is the city where you can find hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. The education level is best to the city that there is world class schools are available and Farrer Park Primary school best hub to start your children’s education. Also, secondary schools and colleges are available in Balestier town.

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