Aircon Servicing in Ang Mo Kio

aircon servicing in ang mo kio

A brief description of Ang Mo Kio Town

This is a residential town located in the Singapore north- eastern region. This is also a planning area and ranks third when it comes to the most populated planning area. Yishun, Sengkang, and Serangoon are some of the popular planning areas. Taking about its urbanization story then it is interesting. This was used to be ruler district, undeveloped and people profession was agriculture.  Later one, development & housing board decided to develop this place, and then they redeveloped this town. Metric dimensions were built by in the year 1980. Its construction was started in 1973, and it took seven years to build this place entirely.

 In 1986, town councils were established which is conducted under the pilot project. Taking about commercialization then it was started in the year 1970, and since then it becomes the supermarket chain of Singapore. Also, this market is known as Sheng siong. It’s like a neighboring town, and its original ecology traces has been removed by the urbanization of this town. Taking about the parks of this town then they looks prevalent. Aircon servicing of Singapore plays a significant role in the development of Singapore. We do provide the aircon servicing in Ang Mo Kio and nearby area.


The history of this town is related to women named Lady Jennifer Windsor who was a wife of Lord Windsor. They were a wealthy couple, and her husband was a well known and successful merchant. Thomson area was then the residential place where this couple lives. Besides this, this real estate area named after John Turnbull Thomson who was a civil engineer and was a British. He is also known as an artist and plays a crucial role in the development of Ang Mo Kio. During the colonial days, he builds a bridge to offer logistic transportation to the people of Ang Mo Kio. After this, various infrastructures were built by him.  This makes him the essential part of this planning area or town.


It was all started in 1970 as mentioned above. Twelve and twenty-five story buildings were since built then. On the other hand, Singapore development board used to rebuild many states to renew the place. Besides this, with this evolution; many residential areas have been handed to the private developers. This will leads to the redevelopment of this town.


Taking about the jurisdiction of this town, the Town Council of Ang Mo Kio handles all the legal stuff. Besides this, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is the member of this town council. General elections are often conducted here time to time.

Education facility

Education is an important part of this development process. Some pre-schools, primary, secondary and high school are in this town. Tertiary schools consist of different universities and colleges for higher education.


This town is highly populated with a population of 174,770.  It is the eight largest populated towns in the country.

So, this is all about Ang Mo Kio and about its etymology. This town has been the most important part of Singapore. The development story of this town completely changes its appearance and its nothing like the old Ang Mo Kio.

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