Air conditioning is one of the most effective home comfort solutions. It helps keep you comfortable and can also save you money by keeping your home cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and less expensive to run. AC units run on refrigerants that need to be replaced periodically. This is necessary to ensure the air conditioner continues to work as efficiently as it did when it was installed. Air conditioning systems are made up of different parts or components that need an annual chemical cleaning to keep them working at their best. The frequency depends on how often you use your air conditioner and how dirty the system becomes over time. These include:

-AC unit (inside and out)

-Accessories such as filters and fans

– Walls that surround the system, for example, if you live in a house with brick walls

How to Clean an Air Conditioner

Washing an air conditioner is a simple process. Gentle soap and water with a vacuum hose is all it takes. You don’t need special equipment or a special washing machine. Even if you have a top-loading machine, you can still easily wash your air conditioner. Start by unplugging the unit and turning off the power to the unit at the circuit breaker or fuse box. If there is no circuit breaker or fuse box at the unit, make sure a fuse is not blowing. Next, remove the unit from the wall using the appropriate mounting bracket. Most air conditioners are heavy enough to be removed by yourself. Seal the unit and water lines with a water-sealing compound or caulking. Make sure to clean the lines of any debris that may have built up inside the unit. Remove the cover of the unit to access the various parts. Inspect the inside to ensure there are no foreign objects such as small rocks or pieces of lint. If there is debris, use a wet/dry vacuum to remove it.

Chemical Overhaul for a HEating System

With any heating system, the components have a lifespan. From time to time, you may need to get the system chemically cleaned. One way to help extend the life of your HVAC system is to have it chemically cleaned. The air conditioner and furnace filters can become dirty over time and need to be cleaned. These types of cleaning are called “filters.” Some heating systems may also need to be “heated.” These are heating systems that have a certain amount of minerals in the ducts. With these types of systems, you may notice a difference in the temperature in your home when you turn the thermostat up. There is no one set way to determine what type of cleaning your system needs. Generally, you should get this done at least every other year.

What’s the Difference Between Chemical Cleaning and Disinfection?

The two most common methods to clean your air conditioner and furnace system are chemical cleaning and disinfection. Both methods clean house, but there are also other important differences between the two. Chemical cleaning uses chemicals to remove dirt and bacteria from your systems. These chemicals are not harmful and are not regulated. These can include agents like chlorine, ammonia, and bromine. Disinfection, on the other hand, uses chemicals to kill bacteria and viruses. These can include chemicals that are regulated, like ozone, ultraviolet light, and hydrogen peroxide. The government regulates and limits the amount of disinfection in your home. These types of regulations come from the risk of breathing in too much disinfectant and causing breathing problems. The same is true for ozone systems and ultraviolet light systems, which both have regulations for odor control.

When Should You Use Which Type of Service?

If your air conditioner is doing its job, you will need chemical cleanings about every 10 years. If your home is always hot or you frequently have to turn the thermostat up higher than usual, then you will know it’s time to clean your unit. Your heating system, on the other hand, may be dirty, but it won’t cause issues in your home. You may need to get it cleaned if you notice a decrease in efficiency or if you have trouble keeping your house warm enough in the winter. If you are unsure when your system needs cleaning, you should seek professional advice. Inspect the inside of the system and clean the dust from the components with compressed air.

Types of Air Conditioners and Which Ones Need Careful Maintenance

The more advanced the air conditioner, the more often it needs to be cleaned. If you have a central air conditioner, you may need to clean it once a year. If you have a window unit, you may only need to get it cleaned every 3 years. Unit fans and filters need to be cleaned every other year. Newer advances in technology allow air conditioners to operate more efficiently. These units reduce the amount of electricity consumed and can save you money on your electric bill. Heating systems range from gas to oil to propane. These types of systems are more dependent on the type of fuel.


Air conditioners and furnaces are essential for staying comfortable in the summer and winter months. But they can become dirty over time and need to be cleaned to be efficient. Air conditioners are made up of different parts or components that need an annual chemical cleaning to keep them working at their best. The frequency depends on how often you use your air conditioner and how dirty the system becomes over time. If you don’t clean your air conditioner, it will cease to function properly and you will use more electricity and money. And, if it’s too dirty, it will cause damage to your home and require more repairs. Most air conditioners need to be cleaned about every 10 years, but this is a good rule of thumb and not always true. Air conditioners that are too dirty can cause damage to your home, so it’s important to know when they need cleaning.


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