Imagine it is the hot summer season in Singapore and you come home after a long, hot, damp day. You take your shoes off, untie your tie, then turn your aircon on, but smells very odd.

You are astonished and you think, why does my aircon smell such bad? Here, you will get to know some common causes why you might have a stink blowing up from your aircon unit. The smell might be of anything, for example, a damp sock-like smell, or something burning.

Forms of aircon Odors, Probable Causes 

One of the greatest severe things that owners have to deal with is evil aircon odors. Nonetheless, the issue is that you will not distinguish if the odor is coming from your AC, what sort of odor specifies what problem, or what it smells like. Plus to deal with the issue, you have to learn about it primarily!


  • The aircon unit Smells like Something Is on Fire?

There are many electrical parts in your AC unit—circuit boards, fans, power wires, as well as compressors, etc.

If your Aircon produces an odor like plastic or burning gunpowder, it maybe means anyone or even numerous of these parts are actually, burning. In this situation, instantaneously turn your aircon off and refer to your local expert for a solution.

  • Do not try to sort this issue by yourself; it can be unsafe.

One more common cause for such an aircon odor is that dirt can settle in your AC after a long time of inactivity. When turned on after a long time, this dirt can burn off and originate a bad odor. This is merely momentary and is nothing to be worried about.

Though if the odor remains, the aircon begins to malfunction or the odor is extremely strong, you should turn off your AC and give your local aircon professional a call immediately.


  • Aircon is producing the smell of light rotten eggs

A vulgar or terrible aircon odor is typically the outcome of dead critters or rodents stuck in the aircon. This is a typical and distinctive odor that you certainly can’t mistake for anything else.

With time, these dead animals produce hostile odors. As soon as you turn your aircon on, it can produce a vulgar odor in your house. Dying or trapped rodents can likewise destroy different parts of your AC.

It is good to at all times pest-proof your AC to avoid such a horrible situation and having your aircon smell like a corpse. You can at all times call a specialist to aid take away the dead rodent, or you can fix this problem yourself!

You will have to find the exact channel from where the stink is coming, use a screwdriver to take away the cover, and then sensibly take away the corpse. It is suggested to have your ductwork checked to make sure nothing is damaged and cover any entry points.


  • Aircon Smells like Cigarette Smoke?

If you smoke at home, then there are probabilities that your aircon will ultimately turn out smelling like stale cigarette smoke. This hostile odor can cause allergic reactions as well as headaches.

The evaporator loop and strainer engross the stink from cigarette smoke. Thus, when you turn on the aircon, the embedded tobacco elements are bumped loose plus sent back into your house through the Aircon’s vents, producing a disagreeable atmosphere.

Like all other issues, this issue has a simple solution. To remove the smoke smell from your aircon vents, replace your air filter one time every 30 to 60 days and clean your aircon frequently. You can similarly begin smoking outside the house.

  • Do You Smell Gas and Feel like There is a Brute in the House?

This aircon odor is the most disturbing one. More frequently than not, this specifies a leak of gas in the aircon.

Natural gas on its own has no odor, however, utilities and gas distributors add Methyl Mercaptan to give a unique smell to it. This makes sure instantaneous recognition to avoid any severe harm that can take place from a gas leak. 

If your aircon smells a lot like brute spray, you will not be mistaken. This means that there is a gas leakage going into the ductwork. At the initial sign of such an odor, instantly turn off your gas supply. As a next step, contact your utility, who will identify the source as well as fix the issue.


  • Getting a Dingy or Musty aircon Smell?

A decayed and dingy odor is by far the most usual and vulgar smell experienced from aircon. If your aircon smells moldy, the common cause is the buildup of water in the drain pan or drip lines that can cause mold or decay to grow.

In case of a leak, you may even get clear signs in your inside ductless unit, for example, water dripping down your wall.

One more reason for such an odor can be filthy strainers. If you live in a humid and hot climate and turn your aircon on after a long period, dampness can gather in your strainers.

You will have to contact an expert and get your Aircon’s lines and channels exhaustively cleaned. This will merely eliminate the hostile odor. In case of seepage, the source will similarly have to be fixed to avoid additional issues.


How to Deal With a Smelly aircon?

Taking good care of your home appliance is significant. The aircon system needs appropriate and consistent cleaning, servicing as well as maintenance. With professionals by your side, aircon cleaning, repairing, and maintenance are very easy. Consistent cleaning, as well as a check-up of your aircon, will aid you in avoiding unexpected maintenance charges. Thus, do not wait and book your aircon repairing service now!


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