When the summer is in full swing, the aircon is one of the most demanding pieces of equipment because it brings down the temperature and makes the area cool. These days, almost every person has an aircon in their house or workplace because it reduces the humidity and gives a cooling effect which in turn relaxes the mind of the people. When the temperature is too high and there is excessive use of air conditioners takes place, the functioning of the air conditioners can be affected badly and it starts to blow out warm air. There are many other reasons behind this and these are clogged air filters, dirty evaporated coils, improper functioning of the compressor, leakage in the refrigerant, and other duct leaks. At this point, your air conditioner needs some repairs so that it can function properly and gives the best cooling effect. So, if you are also experiencing air conditioner troubleshooting, then go for these solutions for that are mentioned below


  • The incorrectly calibrated thermostat can be the reason for warm air blowing out from your air conditioner. At this point, you need to check your thermostat and the blower fan. If it is ON mode, change it to Auto so it only works during the cooling cycles. Other than this, you also need to make sure that your thermostat is not on the heat mode because sometimes, old dial-type thermostats are incorrectly fixed that read the temperature incorrectly. It is difficult to maintain the perfect temperature so there is a requirement to readjust the thermostat frequently. If you find out that your thermostat is not fixed properly, then you can simply replace that or recalibrated it through a professional.


  • If your air conditioner is throwing out warm air, then closed return vents can be the reason behind that. As the hot air rises and cold air sinks in so closing the top return mean that the hot air will gather inside the room and will not be sent to the HVAC unit for cooling. Other than this, return vents can be blocked through the dirt and debris that release the hot air. If you are going through this issue then you must check the time that all the return registers are open. Moreover, if you are struggling to check that your return vents are open or not, then set a tissue six inches away. The tissue pulls into the return vent and gives you an indication that the return registers are perfectly open.


  • In the air conditioner, there is a fluid termed refrigerant that absorbs the heat from the air and brings down the temperature of the room so if there is a leakage in the refrigerant, your air conditioner will blow out the hot air. You can identify the refrigerant leak by viewing the evaporator and condenser coils. Other than this, hissing noises and high energy bills can give a sign of refrigerant leaks. Do not fix the refrigerant leaks by yourself as it is the riskiest thing and can be resolved by an expert. When you feel this issue, just call the HVAC technicians as soon as possible. The technicians hold a great understanding of the air conditioner things along with the fixing tools so they can fix it properly.


  • Blocked and dirty air filters can be another reason behind your air conditioner blowing hot air. The air filters are full of dirt leading to airflow issues and makes the fan motor overheat. So, if you are getting warm air, you must check the air filters and removes the dirt from them. Sometimes, air filters are covered with too much sticky dirt that is difficult to remove so you need to replace the air filter. Moreover, you can avoid this issue if you clean your air filters after every two weeks and replace them after every three months. You can use aircon chemical wash or soapy water to remove all the dirt from the air filters and then let them dry in the air or use a dry cloth to remove the layer of moisture from them.



  • Evaporated coils have a chilled refrigerant in it that removes the heat from the area and gives the cooling effect. When the coils cover with moisture and dirt, it starts throwing the hot air. So, it is better to turn off your air conditioner and the circuit breaker as well. Other than this, you can locate the indoor access panel and open it. Just look at the evaporator coils and if you find any dust on them, remove them. On an average basis, there is a need to clean the evaporator coils after every two months. A soft-bristled brush can be used to remove the dust layers. Moreover, a coil comb can also be used to clean the area among the coil fins but you have to take great care as the fins should not be bent if mistakenly happens, then straighten them with a fin comb in a soft manner. There is another technique that can be used to clean evaporator coils and that is the compressed air technique.


  • The air conditioner needs electricity to function accurately but if it does not get it properly, it starts giving the warm air. At that spot, see your electrical panel and circuit breaker to check if it has tripped or not. If it is tripped, simply turn off the breaker and then turn it on. Other than this, you just need to keep an eye on the blown fuses and replace it if needed.



In the end, it concludes that the air conditioner is one of the main and basic equipments whose maintenance is very important so that it can function effectively for a longer period. Sometimes, it starts throwing warm air just because of the dirt stuck in its parts and the incorrect setting of its parts. So proper setting and regular maintenance of the air conditioner must be done on time.


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