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Aircon Troubleshooting

Guess which appliance gives you sheer comfort by dropping the room to your preferred temperature, only with the click of a remote? That’s right, an air conditioner! Take a minute and think about how your days might shape up if your ac stops working? Sounds like a nightmare, but don’t be anxious because we’re here to give you detailed information about aircon troubleshooting as well as a reliable solution, i.e, our contact details!

What is Aircon Troubleshooting?

An air conditioner is one of the best appliances which provides us comfort cooling and air flow. Throughout the years, technology has transitioned from window air conditioners to powerful but compact designed air conditioners. The performance of these air conditioners kept getting enhanced and better during these years. But advanced technology can only improve the performance, not make the air conditioners immortal and problem free.

Aircon Troubleshooting refers to the signs or indication of problems in your air conditioners which may arise due to different reasons. There are a number of factors which may result in a malfunctioning air conditioner. These problems can start off as insignificant ones but they can cause major damage to your air conditioners over time. Hence, it is not advised to ignore air con troubleshooting no matter how small the matter seems.


Why/When do we need Aircon Troubleshooting?

We can easily notice the difference in our air conditioner’s performance when any problem arises but it is extremely difficult to predict what is causing the problem. Recognising the problem can be a little easy when you have basic knowledge about them. Some of the most probable causes of aircon troubleshooting is listed below:

  • Low refrigerant: The efficiency of an air conditioner is highly dependent on the level of it’s refrigerant. If the air is stale, sticky or not chilled when the aircon is turned on then this is an indicator of a low refrigerant. The reasons why your air conditioner’s refrigerant level might be low are:
  1. A faulty under-charged refrigerant which is caused by a manufacturing error.
  2. Single or multiple leaks.

A refrigerant is an extremely important part of an aircon since it’s function is to get rid of heat in the atmosphere. A faulty refrigerant just needs to be replaced but a leak is a very complex repair which needs a skilled team of professionals like us.

  • Blown fuse/circuits: A blown fuse or a tripped circuit creates a situation where your ac just turns on but won’t function. It won’t cool the room and there won’t be any airflow as well. This happens since the blown fuse disconnects the whole working system of an ac from each other. A circuit or fuse as well as loose wires or malfunctioning thermostat problems can be fixed by replacing them.
  • Clogged drainage: The moisture absorbed by an aircon converts into small droplets of water. An air conditioner has an outlet in the form of a pipe which discards the water. But this pipe can end up clogging over time due to dust and debris. The water is backed up inside the house when it can’t be discarded due to a clogged pipe. This might give rise to problems like mould and other types of damage to the interior.
  • Coils: An evaporator coil of an air conditioner holds the main component i.e, refrigerant. Due to irregular or unstable airflow, a sheet of ice can be developed on the coil. This renders the refrigerant useless, affecting the cooling power of the ac. A condenser coil is placed in the unit which is fixed outside the house. It’s function is to discard the heat absorbed from the rooms. Since the condenser is placed outside, it has to endure dust, debris, classified pollution, etc. This accumulated dirt forces the unit to work harder which results in a worn out system.
  • Damaged Air Ducts: If there are multiple air conditioners installed in a house, an air duct system is used for more efficiency. But if an air duct has a leak or crack then the cool air passes through it which makes the cooling of a room impossible.
  • Thermostat Calibration: If your room temperature does not seem to match the temperature you set your aircon’s thermostat, then the reason is your incorrect thermostat calibration. This might also lead the system to refuse to start. Recalibration or replacement of the thermostat can solve this issue.


Benefits of troubleshooting:

Troubleshooting aircon is a sign to get your ac serviced. There are multiple benefits involved in getting frequent and regular servicing for your air conditioner. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Low charges: Chances of serious damages are lowered when your air conditioner is checked up on regularly. No surprise replacements or damages should be expected when you keep up with the health of your aircon and hence hefty amounts of repairs are avoided.
  2. Prolonged functioning period: Even though a repair is done to a damage, it still affects the length of working time. But when no major damages are permitted by regular checkups then there is a higher of your air conditioner extending it’s operational time.
  3. Energy saving: Inefficient air conditioners force the units to work harder. This affects your electricity bills and leaves a dent in your wallet. It’s not good for the environment either but all of this avoided due to troubleshooting servicing.


Troubleshooting aspects can be solved safely and instantly by contacting us. We consider and provide the best service for all our customers. Thorough repairs for all kinds of troubleshooting is our forte. Durable and premium quality products are used for every installation or replacement. Our reasonable rates make frequent servicing a pocket friendly treat!

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