These days, air conditioners have a great demand just because of the hot weather. When the temperature goes too high, everything is badly affected. Whether there is a workplace or at home, the air conditioner is a must because without it, people can’t do anything. Most people have to face health issues and the reason behind that is the hot weather so air conditioner proves beneficial for those people. The role of the air conditioner is to cool down the temperature of the room which in turn makes it easier for the people to do their tasks effectively. Other than this, normal servicing of air conditioner is vital otherwise it can’t function properly.


Importance of Air Conditioners:

The air conditioner has great importance and it can be highlighted from the following points:


  • Produces Quality Air:

Air conditioners perform their function by circulating and filtering air that removes the different pollutants and other damaging particles from the air. So, the air conditioner is a blessing for those people who suffer from asthma and serious allergies as it reduces the particles that trigger an attack. There is one other important thing and that is to clean the air conditioners regularly so that it does not produce warm and poor-quality air.


  • Enhance Workforce Efficiency:

It’s a fact that the human mind and body can’t function properly if they are facing bad weather conditions. Whether the weather is too hot or too cold, the human body can’t work effectively. In this situation, a person becomes far away from the ability to think and do things practically. At this point, the air conditioner proves helpful as it brings down the room temperature and makes the people think and analyze things accurately. These days, every office is air-conditioned so that the employees get a cool environment in which they can perform tasks in a better way and make the best decisions.


  • Saves Devices from Overheating:

When the weather is too hot, then electronic devices such as televisions, refrigerators, and lights are the ones that are at greater risk. Other than this, phones and computers are the devices of our daily use and suffer the most from the high level of temperature. The life span of these devices gets shorter and there is a great risk of losing the data. So, if your workplace is embedded with the computers, make sure that there is an air conditioner that works properly otherwise your device can be destroyed or go through major damage.


  • Cools Down the Tempers:

It is not only the human brain that suffers the most from the hot weather but the person’s temper also gets affected. When the brains of people slow down, some major changes occur in the bodies such as increased heart rate and blood pressure which in turn lead to rude behavior. To make the home, work and learning environment cool and peaceful, the installation of the air conditioner is must.


How Does Air Conditioner Works?

The main function of the air conditioner is to cool down the room temperature and it works by removing the warm air from the room and pumping it outside. At that point, the air conditioner throws back the cool air into the room which reduces the temperature. When the liquid in the air conditioner converts into the gas, it absorbs the heat, and in this way, it functions. Moreover, there are three major parts of the air conditioner and these are mentioned below with their workings.


  • Air Conditioner Evaporator:  

Through the expansion valve, the hot air from the room is drawn to regulate the flow. After passing through the valve, it is blown through the evaporator coil that absorbs the heat from the air. There is a refrigerant in the coil that catches the heat and transform it back to the gas and rotates towards the compressor.


  • Air Conditioner Compressor:

There is a compressor in the air conditioner that works as a pump and reduces the volume of the gas. Moreover, it speeds up the pressure and raises the temperature for the condensing procedure.


  • Air Conditioner Condenser:

The role of the air conditioner condenser is to gather all the heating particles from the room with the help of refrigerant in the form of vapors and pump them outside. At this spot, outside air absorbs the warm air and converts the gas into liquid. Once the warm air moves outside, the cold refrigerant makes its way back indoors to evaporators to repeat the procedure.


There is a variety of air conditioners available all over the world and each one has a different price. Every brand comes with different air conditioners that vary in their features and sizes. If the air conditioner has more features and is high in size then it is obvious that it will be expensive. On the other hand, if you choose a smaller size air conditioner with fewer features, then it will be cost-effective for you. There are two types of charges linked with the air conditioner. You have to make the first payment to the seller at the time of the purchase of the air conditioner and the second one at the point of installation. Some companies install air conditioners in your house without any extra charges. Other than this, if they do not give you the fixing facility, you can hire a technician and ask them to fix your air conditioner. The technician will demand some fixing charges from you. Other than the installation, if your air conditioner does not work properly, you can call a technician to check.



In the end, it concludes that the air conditioner is one of the most important devices that people use in their lives. The air conditioner has made the life of the people easier as people can sit in it and relax, work and exercise. Other than this, the air conditioner is important for the proper working of the human body and mind so it proves that in the present era, it is a need of everyone.




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