Summer is in full swing in most places, especially in Singapore, but it is not always optimal for the performance of aircon systems. As everybody knows that the climate of Singapore is extremely humid and hot and people living in Singapore cannot imagine their life without aircon. The heat is higher than last year, so the air conditioner needs to double its output to keep the house cool. This not only overloads the aircon system but can also cause maintenance trips to occur more frequently than twice a year. If you live in a place where the heat is worse than in other areas, such as Singapore, you need to carefully monitor and operate your air cooling system at its best. In many cases, this means monitoring for signs that the air conditioner is reaching its limits and needs to be adjusted. These can be minor issues or major damage that require urgent aircon repair. Here are seven obvious signs that the aircon system is failing.

There might be a lot of reasons why your aircon unit might start to behave strangely all of a sudden. Perhaps you have noticed the significant signs of the aircon failing because of a few instances over time. Or, it might be an abrupt breakdown of your AC that has your whole family sweating in the boiling summer! No matter what your cause is call the emergency aircon repair service nearby to your residence, don’t you think you have to know what is wrong? Not merely might it assist you to explain the issue better to the aircon repair emergency service experts, but on the other hand, also make trivial fixes yourself!


1) Cooling is not very efficient

Is the air conditioner showing an efficient cooling effect recently? Momentary lack of cooling diminishes over time, making it difficult to determine when aircon needs inspection. Gradually, you will find that it takes time for the entire house to cool down. Or it can be difficult to keep the room temperature constant and eventually it can get too warm. If you notice this for more than a few days, please contact your local air conditioning maintenance team.

2) There are signs of water leakage

Water leaks from the vents or the back of the Aircon system are quite noticeable. But even worse happens when leaks penetrate walls and hardwood floors. Flood damage not only leads to costly repairs and repair work, but you may not even know the magnitude of the damage. Finding wet patches on the walls and mold growth is a danger signal that needs immediate attention by arranging an urgent aircon repair.

3) Your utility bill is rising

Since it is summer, all-day use of the air conditioner will be displayed in the utility bill. However, if you are comparing last season with the period immediately after booking the HVAC service, you may run into problems if your bill exceeds your allowance. Without timely maintenance, the machine’s energy efficiency can be reduced and more units can be consumed. Track your invoices for the last three months, look for significant fluctuations in utility bills, and search for “best aircon repairs nearby.”

4) It takes time to start the compressor

If your air conditioner is well maintained and operating optimally, you will find the compressor starts automatically during regular intervals. This promotes a uniform cooling effect that helps maintain the temperature of the room. However, if the room appears to be a little warmer before the compression starts, or if the compressor starts late, there may be a problem. This can range from wiring problems, and lack of pressurized gas to the need for simple maintenance. Time the compressor activation to ensure a consistent delay.

 5) Indoor humidity and accumulation of humidity

One of the biggest signs that air conditioners are currently in need of aircon repair is that the interior is dirty. The aircon system is designed to eliminate moisture, so feeling excessive humidity in the room is a sign of a problem. This can be as small as feeling damp on the skin or finding water droplets (condensations) on the walls of the house. Failure to cope with growing moisture can lead to problems such as fungal growth and damage to drywall and paint.

6) Smell a strange odor

It is not uncommon to start to notice offensive odors when the air conditioner is not working properly. What does a stink mean? Burning plastic/metal, musty odors, putrefaction, gas, etc. that you have never experienced before. The smell fills the entire room, so it’s not hard to find. If you find one, call an expert aircon repair company to resolve this issue.

7) Fluctuating performance

Did you notice that your home’s electrical system is fluctuating when HVAC is at full capacity? This can happen if other appliances such as refrigerators, lights, computers, and heavy equipment fail for a moment. Power fluctuations are also related to HVAC compressor issues, so have a professional air conditioning repair shop check your cooling system. Last word: Save money and time with timely aircon repairs.

Repairing an aircon system after some of the above signs appear can cost a lot of money at a branded store. To make matters worse, you may have to replace parts or the entire air conditioner due to serious damage. Regular maintenance is required at least twice a year to maintain the functionality and effectiveness of the air conditioner. Thus, to get high-quality maintenance services you must contact a professional company.

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