Aircon Servicing in Sembawang

Aircon Servicing in Sembawang

Sembawang – an overview of Sembawang history

In Singapore, Sembawang located in the northern region.  This is both residential and planning area plus Peninsular Malaysia point is near to this place. Simpang bordered the Sembawang planning area along with Mandai, Yishun, and Woodlands. The new town of Sembawang is developed, but still, it is considered as a suburban area. Besides this, its periphery lies within recreational and industrial facilities. Port facilities and naval base have been being hosted by this land since the twentieth century.


Singapore 1830 map introduced Sembawang to the world as in it River Tambuwang was mentioned. Taking about its naming story its name is inspired by the name of a tree “Sembawang.” Well, there is no doubt that Singapore is highly impressed by its nature and the rest of the history. In 1980, Sembawang name was replaced by Mesua ferruginea name with the development of this land.


British naval base made Sembawang their home plus the construction of the base was started in 1920. At the end of 1938, its construction was completed and took eight long years to build it entirely. Workshops, dockyards, and wharves were included in the base along with commercial, administrative and residential area. After this, Singapore government acquires control over the naval base and has since been used by them for a different purpose. The government transformed the naval base into a dockyard meant for the commercial use.


Singapore Military came into existence after the completion of HMS Sembawang in the year 1938. In 1940, HMS Simbang which is also known as RAF base was completed. British Council was however not happy with the presence of Singapore military in Sembawang and, thus wrecked out the entire base. The British government doesn’t want to know the world about the use of Singapore units which they are suing against the Japanese army. Later on in 1945 after the World War II ended, British government reverted control on both the bases. Control of military base let them continue their colonial activities in Singapore. We do provide the aircon servicing in Sembawang and nearby areas.

In 1971, British forces were withdrawn from the Singapore, and finally, Singapore government has full control on the naval base in 1968.At Sembawang, MOD (Ministry Of Defence) has been able to run their military logistic base even after their withdrawal from Sembawang. Their job was to refuel, and repair different ships belong to British, Australia and New Zealand. Also, they offered such services to Commonwealth countries also.

Waterways and Roads

The Sembawang Road has connected the naval base of the city. The road is an important transportation mode plus various private companies use this way to operate their buses. Taking about the waterways then Sungei Sembawang River has been being used for water transportation.

Infrastructure and population

The Urban development authority is responsible for its evolution as plans; zoning maps etc. are done by them. Sembawang MRT station was also built there and known as the central hub for the commercial and residential area. Sembawang current population is seventy-six thousand five thirty. Teo Ho Pin is the mayor of this planning area GRC is its constituency.

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