Aircon Servicing in River Valley

Aircon Servicing in River Valley

Information about River Valley planning area, Singapore

The river valley is the planning area which contains five subzones these are namely, Institution Hill, One Tree Hill, Oxley, Paterson and Leonie Hill. The River Valley is located in the Central region of the Singapore. The planning area shares their boundaries with another city which are Museum in the East, Orchard in the north and Singapore River in the south and Tanglin in the west. Including its subzones population it 9340 peoples.  It includes an area about 1.48 square km and Density: 6,332.2 inh./km².

There were two river valley roads on either side of Singapore River in the 1840s. The Singapore River is found between the Fort Canning Hill and Pearl’s Hill. The Fort Canning Hill is located on the north side of river and Pearl’s Hill is located in the south direction of the river. The road is after named by river valley and both these found in the John Turnbull Thomson’s 1844 map.

Education in the river valley

Each country’s growth depends on the industries, companies, private or government agencies and the important one education hub. It has a population about 9340 and has five subzones. All the residents find the first stage education for their kids near to the living place. Os it has a primary school that provides required education to the kids.

For further studies, you can find secondary schools and junior colleges near to the planning area. It is about 1.48 square km and shares their boundaries with other planning areas. Bus facility is provided by the school, so there is no need to panic about it.

Accessibility by bus or train

You can find bus services in the country that the Singapore bus services are available in almost the country. According to the population of this area, you can find several traveling options like local bus services, taxi, cab facility, etc.

The river area is also accessible by MRT that is the Mass Rapid Transit interchange service. It is the fastest railway service in the Singapore which links almost all the major cities.

Other features available in River Valley

The Singapore is one of the beautiful tourist spots in the country that has a number of historical monuments as well as the modern constructions. The River Valley is the planning are which includes a wide range of greenery due to the contact of Singapore River. The valley road and greenery attracts tourist attentions. We do provide the aircon servicing in River Valley and nearby areas.

Other facilities like hotels, restaurants, food corners are available in the city. You can also find local shopping zones, malls, water parks and much more.

Economy participation

The planning area plays a major role to increase the economy of the country that the River Valley includes a number of industries, private companies, and government agencies. It can help people to find occupation in the city that is why a number of people live. Also, the occupation enhances the economy of a country so it River Valley has required workspace for job seekers.

Easy accessibility, better residential space, ease of domestic products and better attraction for tourist makes it perfect residential place. With the residential place, you can find education institutes and another required facility that tends you to live in River Valley planning area.

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