Aircon Servicing in Potong Pasir

aircon servicing in potong pasir

Potong Pasir: always in mind for election activity

The Toa Payoh is the planning area which is in the North east region of the Singapore. The Potong Pasir is the subzone of Toa Payoh which is the urban area has many facilities. This place is popular because of the politics events that the Chiam see tong held the Ward from 1984 to 2011. She belongs from Singapore Democratic Alliance that he is from the Singapore people’s party.

The election in Potong city has always hotly because opposite party tends to eliminate Chiam, but they fail. In 2006 general election, the people’s action party promised the people for various developments, but this not results in right, and they failed.  In 2011 general election in Potong Pasir,  Sitoh Yih who was the twice unsuccessful challenger has defeated Chiam. The vote different between them was 114, and they get 7973 and 7859 votes.

Population and area

  • Total population: 12,420
  • Are covered: 0.64 km²
  • Density: 19,412.3 inh./km²

Schools in Potong Pasir

This city includes top schools of the Singapore they are-

  • Saint Andrew’s Junior school
  • St Andrew’s Secondary school
  • St Andrew’s junior college

Potong is the home of Saint Andre’s village that is the mega cluster of schools which is from the Saint Andrew’s family. In, 2000 the school project has reunited, and all the three school were planned to reunite. The renovation of school started from 2003, and the construction of Secondary School has completed in last of 2003. The secondary school had opened in 2004 along with the junior college building construction which started in 2003, and the junior college was opened in 2005. We do provide the aircon servicing in Potong Pasir and nearby areas.

Some signs that make the Potong Pasir unique

  • There were only three bus services available in the city before the MRT in 2003.
  • Because of the majority constituencies, there is nothing more than the victory that the election was always something for looking forward to. That means you find various events at the time of the election that and Potong Pasir was always a battle place for election participants.
  • Chiam See Tong is always the topic in mind that we ward in Potong from 1984-2011.
  • Saint Andrew’s is always a conversation topic.
  • The Kallang River that runs along the Potong Pasir city is biggest in the country.
  • HBD playgrounds are available in the city.
  • Coffee shops, food corners are available in the city that you cannot find malls nearby the city.
  • Perfect residential place you can find in the planning area.

Transport in the city

The Singapore bus services are available for you, and you can also find cabs, taxi, and local bus services. Before 2003, there were only three bus services available, but after MRT i.e. Mass Rapid Transit interchanges facility it is easily accessible.

Other facilities

The Potong Pasir is the place which is located in the Toa Payoh planning area; it includes shopping malls, food corners, restaurants and other shopping centers. Also, there are some industrial companies, private and governments agencies are available that contributes to the economy of a country. Because of easy accessibility, it is also the attraction of tourists.

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