Aircon Servicing in Payar Lebar

Aircon Servicing in Payar Lebar

The first MRT interchange station built in Paya Lebar

Paya Lebar is one of the planning areas of the Singapore which are located in the east region. It connected with other cities of the subzones that mean it shares their border to other cities. They are namely Tampines to the east, hungang to the west, Bedok to the south and Pasir ris to the north. Bedok and Pasir ris are also the planning are of the Singapore.

Past events

In ancient, one of the first people to settle in this area was the Richard Owen Norris who was died in 1905, bought a part of the land. He purchased the land in 1865 and lived with his family member.

After the Singapore international airport was established in 1955, and it is commonly known as Paya Lebar Airport. Along with a number of schools, and estate the airport became the area’s landmark.

Population of Paya Lebar

It includes 5 subzones, but it is not a residential area, so there is a small number of people lives here. It includes estimated population is 40 where Paya Lebar East and Paya Lebar West includes 10 and 30 people respectively.

Area of city

It covers about 11.69 km2 are of the country and have 3.4 inh./km² density.


The Paya Lebar air base is the military air base of the Republic of Singapore which is in the central east part of the Singapore. The area is under the Paya Lebar planning area that is why this is poor from the population. Due to the national security purpose and army restrictions the area is restricted for people. The air base was originally a Singapore International Airport which built for replacing the Kallang Airport. After transferring the administration to the RSAF, it renamed as Paya Lebar Airbase. The public airport then relocated to the Changi.

MRT station

MRT is a Mass Rapid Transit interchange on the Circle line and East-West line in Geykang Singapore. It is first MRT station in the Singapore which is the fastest underground railway service. The MRT station is opened on 4th November 1989, serving the east-west line.  After this, the Circle line platform has opened on 17th April 2010, and this combination of stations make the traveling time least. The MRT connects about the entire major city as well as their subzones that enable people to travel with only one medium to go anywhere. We do provide the aircon servicing in Paya Lebar and nearby areas.

Paya Lebar Road

The Paya Lebar road starts in the south with Gelang Road and connects the Airport Road, Macperson Road. Other places where the Paya Lebar road passes are, Ubi Avenue 2, Ubi Avenue 3, Lorong Bankok, Pan Island Expressway, Eunos Avenue and more.

Bus services

The Singapore bus service is available in the city, and also you can find local buses, taxi for traveling. Due to lack of population, the traveling mediums are available in a specific time that there are no regular vehicles are available.

It includes the wide area as compare to the population, so it is not for a residential purpose but includes some industries. Due to army events, and their restriction some entrance were closed that is why a lack of traveling facility available in Paya Lebar. To overcome this problem, MRT is the best facility.

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