The refrigerant gas is vital to the working of aircon systems – without gas, AC units would just flow hot air through the area. That is the reason with every consistent use as well as through time, the necessity to top it up is significant to make sure that the AC will remain in good shape.

Gas renewal is a procedure a lot of aircon professionals denote as aircon gas topping. It is such a vital element of certifying the complete efficiency of an AC that experts suggest doing it one time a year.

Here, we will be exposing the misconceptions and myths about AC gas topping — as well as how frequently you must do it.

  • Aircon Gas Toppings are not required

A lot of individuals think that aircon units use a locked loop system, preliminary AC gas will never have to be refilled. As time passes, a few of the metals used in making your AC unit will get battered, because of the creation of formic acid in the AC. This corrosion causes slight holes to form, which lets Refrigerant gas leak.

If you ignore aircon maintenance, these holes will merely get larger, and ultimately there will be no coolant left to keep your place cool. In the end, you will be left with an aircon that gives the same hotter air you are trying to escape outside your home.


  • Gas Topping is not Part of Consistent Maintenance

This myth was initiated partially because some individuals do not understand what consistent aircon maintenance involves. However, this was before the era of the internet. Nowadays, a lot of aircon check-up services understand completely what a consistent service involves as a rapid Google search will show what other firms are offering.

Actually, because of the way the aircon is designed, the first thing an expert technician does is to top up the gas. The expert will first inspect the AC to determine that there are no leaks. This is done by flushing the unit, before refilling your gas. 


  • Gas topping is Very Easy to do

Conflicting with prevalent belief, aircon servicing is not as easy as a DIY project. While some individuals with mechanical experience and knowledge may have little idea about what they are doing, a proficient expert is still required to make sure all appropriate safety requirements are met. Also, there is merely so much maintenance an unqualified individual can do before the complete procedure drops its charm, and nuts and bolts start to go missing!

Aircon is made of dissimilar components. The strainer, for instance, is comparatively easy to reach, thus it is precisely possible for anybody to clean it. After the aircon has been detached, you can clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner, as well as some bubbly water later. 

In the meantime, the central, as well as electrostatic units, are slightly more hard for the average person to maintain. Any minor damage to the electrostatic unit can cause the AC to go out of command. 


  • It does not Support Reducing Energy Consumption

The question behind this misconception is “how does a well-kept AC save energy?” That is to say, what effect will the lack of appropriate aircon care have on the energy being used? It looks like your energy bill must remain similar after the Aircon is in use, irrespective of whether your gas is low or not. Here is where this myth gets it wrong:

When your gas becomes low, it takes much time for your AC to cool down a place. Topping up your gas means it can go back to cooling quicker, thus reducing your energy usage. The mere way to use less energy when your gas is low is to not turn your aircon unit on.

Though, a low gas level must not cause any fright. Just search for the services of an expert aircon professional.


  • Failure to do AC Gas Topping is not expensive

You know the misconception about ostriches burying their heads in the sand, expecting their issues will just vanish? It does not work with Aircon. Failure to top your AC gas will consequence in larger issues for you and your wallet.

  • It Can Be Done Without Expert Assistance

If you are free, trying aircon servicing by yourself can look pretty appealing as it will cost you nothing. Though, if done without appropriate measures, the act of doing it yourself can cost you bigger.

Finally, think about your safety. If your AC is positioned in an accident-prone zone, it may be good to contact professionals. They will not merely have the correct tools to reach these areas securely, they are similarly well-trained to take on states that pose diverse risk threats.


  • Your AC can work well without it

Like expecting your automobile to work well without consistent maintenance, this myth is another infamous instance of a common aircon misconception that we can simply expose. Your AC might run flawlessly for the initial few months, however with consistent use and lack of suitable care, it will ultimately start to weaken and need your extreme attention — and your money.

Not like automobiles, AC units do not typically have lights that give signs when things are not going fine. You will merely notice one day that instead of giving cold air, your AC will be carrying hot air. Thus schedule an appointment with your reliable aircon professional to avoid any unwanted expenditures.


  • It is Not Linked with the Overall Performance of an AC

Aircon account for around 40% of all energy usage in Singapore. This figure is high as a lot of individuals merely think about servicing when something goes incorrect with their aircon. That is to say, they wait until the gas levels of their aircon are low which become ineffective. Merely then do they contact an aircon expert.

So, aircon maintenance is very important and you should service it regularly.


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