Aircon Servicing in Little India

Aircon Servicing in Little India

Find mosques and Hindu temples in Little India

Little India is located in the Rochor subzone of the Singapore.  It is near to the Singapore River and north of Kamong Galm. These both are the urban area which is developed after the independence of Singapore. The name of this area is commonly known as Tekka i.e. the Indian Singaporean community.


It is originally a part of colonial Singapore where Indian immigrants lived under the British policy. Due to the British rule in both the countries India and Singapore, some Indians moved to the Singapore. It is the area where a number of Indian lived and trade about milk and cattle. After the independence, the people are free to enhance their business and tend to trade across the Singapore. The number of Indian increased in some decades and by the turn of 20th centuries, the area looks like an Indian neighborhood.

Population and area of Little India

The estimated population is 3700, it covers 0.28km2 area, and the Density is 13,295 inh/km². That is all estimated by 2016 data.

Facilities in Little India

Seargoon road is the famous place in the little India that intersects Bukit Timah Sungei Road and Rochor Canal. There are some stores; a mall is available which enables people to access the features. Along with Serangoon Road, tekka center, tekka Mall, Seragoon Plaza, the little India arcade, is available. It includes the Indian culture that is why you find several Hindu temples, Mosques, church, and other worship places are available in the Little India. Kampong Kapor Methodist i.e. the church is established in 1929, Abgullia Mosque, sri veeramaliamman temple, sri Vadapatharia Kliamman Temple, Jalan Mosque and Central Sikh gurudwara was built in the Little India. We do provide the aircon servicing in Little India and nearby areas.

The Abdul Gafoor Mosque was built in 1859, and it is named after the Tamil lawyer’s clerk. The Little India includes wide history about various culture, temple, mosque, and church. You can find a different style of buildings and ancient architecture which is best for getting knowledge about the past.

Transportation facility in Little India Singapore

It is connected to the different city which is bencoolen, Farrer Park, Kampong Galm, Mackenzie, mount emliy, rochor canal, selegie, and Victoria. It can be connected through the road or by the train track. The fastest train facility in the Singapore city is MRT i.e. Mass Rapid transit. The nearest MRT station for Little India is Little India, Farre Park on a north east line.

Also, you will get the Singapore bus services for traveling as well as the local buses are available here. According to the population of this area, the traveling mediums are available in huge.

Other facilities

It comes under the Rochor Planning are in Singapore. You can find all the required facilities like hotels, restaurants, food corners, shopping streets and much more. Other private firms, industries, government agencies are available in this area that is why it is more accessible then other. It is a famous area in the Singapore for its different features, cultures, and dissimilarities in residential. Temples, mosques, church and Buddhist worship places are famous for the public that is why many foreigners came in Little India.

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