Aircon Servicing in Katong

Aircon Servicing in Katong

Attraction, residents and travelling facility in Katong

It is the neighborhood of the central region of Singapore. It is located near to the sea, as it is connected to the sea; there is a lack of land for residents. That is why the East Coast Park reclaimed to overcome the shortages of Land. After the independence, it is struggling for a wide land area for residential purpose. The Katong city is also known as Tanjong Katong. It is under the planning area of marine parade, and it includes about 9,760 people in the city. It is one of the subzones of the marine parade.

Residents and attraction

It was the home of Lord Cathay and Mountbatten of Burma organization. Also, it includes the industrial industries and other private or government agencies. About 9,760 people only live here due to the shortage of land because it is near to the sea. It has many benefits to establish near to the sea. Many people are interested in wandering near to the sea with reason or no reason. It provides occupation to the residents. Also, it attracts to the people who came here for making weekends. Many water sports, boats, are available to enjoy the sea water in the Katong.

Also, it has some food corners which are famous to the city you can enjoy various food items with going there. Many hotels are available in the city for making the perfect weekend for travelers. They can stay here find all required facility in the city like food items, hotels, and much more. We do provide the aircon servicing in Katong and nearby areas.

Travelling facility

It is connected to a different place by road; these are namely East Coast, Marina East, Marine Parade, and Mountbatten. The Singapore bus services link all the stations of the Singapore. For long traveling, some private bus services are available in the city which helps you for going far. MRT is Mass Rapid Transit in the city which links the major city of the Singapore. It is the railway service of the Singapore that is the fast train service. The name is given to the train for its ability to carry the passenger in a day.

Various industries, private firms, government agencies are links by road and also linked with MRT station. The nearest MRT station is in Marine Parade which is the planning area.


Some primary and secondary schools are established here.  It is not famous for education purpose as well as it has least population as compare to other cities. It includes about 9,760 people that require least education hub. For further study, you have to go for another nearest city. You can find a wide number of institutes in Marine Parade.

Because it is near to the sea the name was given to the city by the sea turtle, and it is also known by Tanjong Katong. It is the nearest place to the sea that is why many people love to make their weekend here. All the facilities are available in the city like hotels, food facility, traveling facility, and else. Due to least population, it is silent place in the Singapore, and also it is rich from greenery that attracts people.


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