Aircon Servicing in Kallang

Aircon Servicing in Kallang

Economic participation of Kallang and the services

Kallang is a city of Singapore which is the planning and residential area of Singapore. It is located in the central region of the country. The development started along with the river namely, it is the Kallang River and the Kallang River is the biggest river of the Singapore.  It shares boundaries with Toa Payoh to the north, marina east to the south, Marina parade in the southeast, and Geylang in the east. It is also connected to the Novena in the northwest.

In ancient time it was home for several landmarks of a country. Some landmarks are banks, the Kallang Basin, national stadium and countries first civilian airport. There were many stories about the national stadium about the national day parade, and many games events.

Population of Kllang

  • Total population- 101,210
  • Population density- 11,000/km2

Area covered by kallang

  • Total area- 9.17 km2
  • Residential- 2.1 km2

Water resources in the city

Kallang River is biggest in the Singapore that is also famous for its water sports. The water sport is near to the Kallang rives. The source of the water is the Kallang reservoir, and it is opened at Kallang Basin which is near to the Merdeka Bridge. With its tributaries, the river drains about one-sixth of the Singapore. In 1977 the Singapore government decided to clean the river that is why the project was subjected. This project was embarked on a ten-year long cleanup project. We do provide the aircon servicing in Kallang and nearby areas.

The mouth of Rochor River and Kallang River met to the Kallang Basin in 2005. The national stadium is near to the Basin, and the Kallang Riverside Park is in front of the Basin.

Education institutes in the city

Singapore is well developed about the education percentage. Some schools are located in the Kallang city they are, Dunman High School, Bendemeer Secondary school, and other primary schools are available. According to the population, it has world-class primary and secondary schools. These help their student to get required education. Each country’s education makes it perfect country and contributes to transfer from developing to the developed country.  If you find primary education hubs in kallng city, then you can have best institutes.

Economy participation

It is the city having notable companies, and government agencies. According to the population, it includes private firms, hotels, parks, and tourist spots. These all help to increase the economy of the country. Also, the companies and industries provide occupation to the people, so many people live here. The overall expense of the city makes it positive to an economy.


The kallang city includes two major stadiums of the country which are namely,

  • The new national stadium
  • Indoor Stadium of Singapore

Except it also includes other major grounds and kallang ground is one of them. There are several games played like a one-day international cricket match. It is home to the Singapore national cricket team.

Travel services

The kallang city is connected to the various cities by road, and also it is connected to by MRT. You can make travel with SBS i.e. Singapore bus services also you can take local buses. The international airport is in the kallang city.




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