Aircon Servicing in Jurong East

Aircon Servicing in Jurong East

Area and Population of Jurong East in Singapore

Jurong is the popular city of Singapore. The development of the Jurong Town is started from the 1970s when estates like Taman Jurong, Bukit Batok, Bukit Gombak,Teban Gardens, Yuhua and Hong kah are already being developed a lot. Jurong East New Town is located in west side of Singapore. Its neighbor town name is Clementi. It is developed in some decades and having about 90,000 residents with 22,600 units of flats. Most of the flats include 4 roomers closely by 3 roomers. About 1,800 units of executive flats are available in the Jurong East New Town.

There are 10 subzones in Jurong city. These are Boon Lay, Jurong regional center, Yuhua, Jurong Lake, Teban Gardens, Juron river, International business park, Jurong east area, Toh guan, penjuru and Jurong Port. It is spread over some km where 47% of its space is for the residential purpose.

Information about Jurong East New Town


Total area- 17.83 square km

Residential- 1.65 square km


Total population- 84,980

Population density- 4,800/ square km

Education standard

The fastest growing city in the Singapore is having great education hubs. The key process to get better education percentage in the country is to have the world-class study hubs. In Jurong East 3 primary schools and 4 secondary schools are available which provide education to Jurong’s kids.

Primary schools: Jurong primary school, Fuhua Primary school, and Pandan primary school

Secondary schools: Commonwealth secondary school, Crest secondary school, Jurong Secondary high school and Shuqun Secondary school

Interested places

It is the area where wide greenery available and Jurong Park and country club are the best places. The Chinese and Japanese gardens are too famous for greenery in the Jurong East New Town. Other best places namely IMM shopping complex, and Jcube shopping complex. According to the population, you can find the local shops along with shopping malls. It enables you to buy almost all required things. JEM West and Big Box also the shopping centers in the Jurong Town. We do provide the aircon servicing in Jurong East and nearby areas.

Transportation of city

The interchange between the Jurong and other Singapore city is done with SBS i.e. Singapore bus service and by the MRT. MRT connects about all the major cities of the Singapore and also you can take bus service for roaming across the city. You can hire local vehicle as well as SBS for roaming across the country. Jurong East is connected to the capital of Malaysia through the high-speed train. So it is a better to place for traveling that has 24×7 traveling mediums.MRT that means the mass rapid transit service for traveling across the country and its two stations belongs to Jurong town. They are namely, Jurong East and Chinese garden.

Other government agencies, private companies, and firms are available in this town. Also, there are many world-class hotels are available where you can visit freely. Some inexpensive hotels are also you can find in the city streets which are in your budget. It is famous for foods items that you can find the best food corners in this city. Heavy greenery attracts more people to visit here and make their weekend in Jurong East.




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