Having adequate airflow in your home is essential to keeping it comfortable year-round. Damp, drafty spaces can cause your home to feel cold and clammy. In addition, a cool, humid atmosphere can lead to mold growth. If you have finished checking for leaks and checked the temperature of the surrounding air with a thermometer, then it’s time you looked at how many windows your room has as well. Air conditioners are available in two main sizes: small and large. The small size is suitable for rooms up to 200 square feet (18 square meters). The large size is ideal for rooms up to 300 square feet (27 square meters). Of course, these proportions may vary slightly depending on the make and model of your AC unit. You can calculate what size AC unit you need by using our AC Unit Size Calculator


What type of airflow do you need?

Airflow is a measurement of how much air is moving through an area. There are two different types of airflow that you need to consider when shopping for an air conditioner. – Natural airflow: This is the amount of airflow that you get from opening a window. The amount of natural airflow that you have in your home depends on the amount of windows and doors that you have in your home. Natural airflow is the most important factor in your comfort. If you want to feel cooler, you need more natural airflow. If you want to feel warmer, you can close in on the windows. – Air exchange rate: This is how much air you actually use when you are using your air conditioner. This will depend on the amount of cooling you need and the outside temperature.


Decide if central or portable air conditioner is right for you

If you want to centralize your air conditioning, then you will need a central air conditioner. These are the “big daddy” air conditioners that are large enough to cool a whole house. They are ideal for cooling large rooms like a family room or a large kitchen. Now, if you don’t need to cool a whole house, then a central air conditioner is overkill. You can get by with a small window unit that only needs to cool a single room. When you are choosing the right size air conditioner for your home, you need to first determine how many windows your room has. A small room will be able to get by with a window air conditioner. A room between 200 and 400 square feet (18-32 square meters) will be best served by a window unit between 18 and 26 tons, depending on room occupancy. If you want to centralize your air conditioning, a central air conditioner is what you need. These are large enough to cool a whole house. They come in varying sizes, from small window units to large central air conditioners.


Small AC unit

A window air conditioner is a quiet, energy-efficient way to keep rooms comfortable. These small AC units come in capacities of up to 11,000 BTUs and can cool a room up to around 400 square feet. They also use less energy as they don’t have to push as much air through the room. These come in a wide range of designs and can be mounted on the side of a window, on a wall, or on the ceiling. They can also be placed under a table or desk, so you can move them from room to room. You can also get air conditioners with multiple air ducts. This is useful if you have a large room or have a large number of windows that need cooling. For smaller rooms or spaces where you only need a small amount of cooling, a wall mount window unit is a good option. These are small enough to fit on shelves or hang on walls.


Large AC unit

A central air conditioner is a larger form of a small window AC unit. It functions in a similar way, but it is also designed to cool large areas. Central air conditioners are ideal for homes that have a large amount of square footage, like a 3,500 square foot house. The size of the air conditioner will be based on how many BTUs it is. These are designed to cool large rooms quickly, so crank it down if you want to lounge around. In comparison to small window units, they are also louder. You can choose from portable, rooftop, and central air conditioners. Portable air conditioners are great if you want to move them from one room to the next. They are also great for outdoor use, like patios, porches, and sheds. Rooftop units are installed on the roof of your house, and they come in two types: horizontal and vertical. The vertical type is ideal if you want to cool your entire home. They are the largest of the bunch, and they can cool an entire house with high ceilings.

Tip: If your home has a lot of windows and doors, look at an inverter air conditioner first.

An inverter air conditioner is a great option for a home that has a lot of windows and doors. An inverter air conditioner uses an algorithm to determine your home’s temperature and then adjusts the fan speed accordingly. This ensures that your home always feels comfortable, even when it is warm out. These are more expensive than the above-mentioned types of units, but they are worth the investment. They also last longer and use less electricity than their counterparts. If you want to keep your home at a certain temperature all the time, an air conditioner is a way to go. It will keep your house cool all year round and may even help you sleep better at night.


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