Aircon Servicing in Ghim Moh

Aircon Servicing in Ghim Moh

What are the important facilities in the Ghim Moh Estate of the Singapore?

The subzone Ghim Moh is neighborhood situated in the Queenstown planning area.  The Queenstown is the satellite housing town located at the central part of the Singapore. The estimated population of this estate is 11,810 in the year 2016.  Chinese, as well as Indians, reside in this estate. The people of Indian origin, as well as people of other origins, are staying in this place. 0.5 square km is the total area of this estate.  It is a residential estate and has many housing buildings as well as some hotels within this area.

Important facilities in this estate

There are few educational institutions at this place. It also includes a busy as well as popular bus terminal. The Ghim Moh subzone also includes the Ulu Pandan Community Center as well as some marketplaces. A wet market, as well as a food center, is situated within this subzone. Other facilities located in this area are dental clinics, salons, medical clinics and small hospitals. The estate also has many coffee shops that are also known as Kopitiam locally. The nearby locations to the Ghim Moh include Rochestor Park as well as Biopolis. The name of the schools and colleges located in this estate are Raffles Junior College and some secondary schools. Ministry of Education Headquarters is another place near to this locality.

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal

This is a major bus terminal located in the estate. This terminal is one of the oldest bus terminals of the cities running from a long time. The bus terminal is giving services to people around the year 1987 in Singapore. At that time, the numbers of bus terminals in this city are not more. It is situated on the main road, and there is a little bus park at the back of the bus terminal. The terminal includes the activities of alighting as well as boarding at the bus stop. It is the popular bus stop that not only serves the people residing in Ghim Moh, but also for the Buona Vista residents. The people of Mount Sinai area can also use this terminal, as it is near to this area. Thus, it is one of the important bus terminals located in this big city. We do provide the aircon servicing in Ghim Moh and nearby areas.

The number of bus routes at this terminal is four. This terminal is owned as well as facilitate by Land transport authority. At this terminal, various bus operators are giving bus services to the public. It connects this estate to almost every major region located in the city. The Ghim Moh Estate consists of a total 28 blocks. It is the estate developed by the Housing and Development Board in the area of Queenstown. The nearest metro station to this locality is the Buona Vista station. It is not far away from this estate and residents can go there quickly. Thus, residents, as well as people do not find any difficulty to get to the Ghim Moh Estate. This estate is famous for the food center and also for the markets located near to the estate.

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