Aircon maintenance and servicing are frequently ignored by a lot of people, which are important in keeping your aircon in fine condition. Avoiding AC repair or poorly maintained aircon might result in severe problems that need big repair. In Singapore, aircon is used by almost every individual because of its extremely hot climate. And in Singapore, aircon servicing in Singapore is similarly significant in other countries as well. Aircon is similar to all machines where it will experience deterioration, therefore consistent maintenance is significant to keep them working at their finest performance. By using a specialized aircon servicing firm, you can keep your aircon well-maintained as well as save money in the long term.

For a lot of individuals, aircon is merely a luxury item that they use in the summer season to beat the heat. For some people, they are an all-year-round requirement, particularly for moist and hot weather. Either way, you have perhaps doubted how frequently you must get your AC checked. Some would suggest every year. But is that essential?

Not precisely.

This might be a little of a surprise, coming from a contractor for aircon. Nonetheless, it is true! There is nothing incorrect with having your aircon checked every 2 years or so. Aircon is robust enough to endure a few summer seasons, even if you use it every day. It is not the kind of tool to break down in one use.

Nonetheless, is that sufficient? Are you fine with your aircon system hardly getting by in terms of effectiveness as well as the cool air it gives?

We are not.

If you wish to keep your aircon unit in good shape, then we think it is significant to have your aircon checked each year. Here are some specific reasons why:


  • It will benefit you to get ahead in the summer.

Getting maintenance during the spring is the impeccable way to prepare the aircon for the summer season. As you probably did not use it throughout the winter season, your AC might have been ruined a little in its effectiveness.

If you wish for an aircon unit that is very energy effective in the hot summer, get started as well as have it checked up in the spring. It is closely similar to having your car repaired and oiled after an entire year of disuse. A well-maintained machine is an effective one.

Particularly if you live in a state with a long and hot summer, your aircon needs some care before getting you through all of that heat. You would not wish it to break down or lower its effectiveness in the dead heat of summer.

  • Repairing an aircon unit is more costly than maintaining it

Let’s get back to the car example. If you have ever had your car repaired after it was damaged, then you know just how costly it is. Compare that to an annual check-up. The reasoning is similar for an aircon. It is one of those machines that, if it damages, it may even be inexpensive to merely purchase a new one.

Nonetheless, that is the worst-case situation. As aircon contractors, the finest advice we can give you when it comes to taking care of your aircon unit is to have it checked and maintained frequently enough to make sure no failures occur.

In our experience with repairing aircon, nearly half of the repairing might be avoided if the aircon had been tuned up yearly. This means that having annual maintenance of your aircon unit can decrease the likelihood of a cooling issue by 50%.

Your next concern may be that the warranty must cover the repair. That is not completely correct.


  • It will grow the life expectancy of your aircon

It is common sense that consistent maintenance of your aircon unit is both a defensive and maintenance measure. It can assist alleviate possible issues before they require costly repairing. As well as keeping it in good shape will increase its life expectancy.

Similarly, ignoring your aircon can do more destruction than you think. For instance, without consistent maintenance, a minor issue will not be noticed, and that might rapidly (or slowly) grow into a gigantic one that will cost lots of money on repairing.


  • Check-ups assist to maintain maximum effectiveness

For Aircon to maintain its finest effectiveness, annual check-ups are vital. Or else, the effectiveness of your aircon unit can decrease by as much as five percent every year.

There are quite a lot of things that can contribute to the reducing effectiveness of an aircon. One of those things is particle buildup around the coils. Where on earth your aircon system is positioned, anything from filth to the soil to grime can get in through the holes. When these gather, the coils which let heat transfer are not able to do so as powerfully. The particles block the heat, and your AC becomes less skilled at cooling.

One more would be a blockage in your unit, which would produce water destruction and unwelcome moisture. Your motor might similarly worsen or need lubrication. The blowers require consistent cleaning, or else the air will not flow toll. If all these issues can be stopped from accumulating, you will save a great amount of money.


  • Clean Air

Do you need fresh air in your hues and workplace? By having your AC serviced frequently, you can certify clean air strainers and units. This will make sure that you are continuously living in clean air that is free of dirt, germs, and pollutants. It will likewise decrease dirt, filth, and bacteria from gathering in your aircon.


  • Scheduling will be simple

A lot of individuals make the blunder of getting their check-ups in the hot summer season. Because of this, you must get a head start and get in touch with an expert this spring. They will be more willing to schedule because of having fewer clients. 


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