Aircon Servicing in Clementi

Aircon Servicing in Clementi

Information and amenities regarding the planning area clementi

This planning area is located in the west part of the Singapore. It is one of the suburban towns of this city. It has some of the famous hotels as well as quality restaurants. The celementi has borders with the Queenstown in the East and bukit batok in the north direction. It also shares borders with other areas like butik timah in the north east direction and jurong east in the west direction. The approximated area of this town is 9.50 square km. It is one of the largest planning areas situated in this big city. Many other regions of the city have famous for shopping. Even this area does not have a big shopping market; it has small shops and markets.

Population and the residents of this area

The population of this town is around 91,630 in the year 2015. It is divided into total nine subzones. Some of the subzones included in this planning area are Faber, Sunset Way, West Coast, Clementi North. In this place, different races are residing together. The population of the people of Chinese origin is highest. The major population of this town belongs to the Chinese community. Malays and people of Indian origin also reside there. A small number of other communities are also residing in this small town. There are many places of worships at this area of different religions. We do provide the aircon servicing in Clementi and nearby areas.

At this area, there is a big clementi stadium which has the capacity around 4,000 people. The area also consists of some nice parks as well. West Coast Park is one of them. To reach the clement area is easy to the people. It has an MRT station as well as a bus terminal which benefits the passengers to come with ease. So, this place is supported by the public transport of both the bus as well as MRT services.

The educational institutions and schools

Educational institutions are located there from a long duration. Some of them are the old as well as main institutions of the city. There are many good primary schools within the borders of this area. Some secondary schools are also situated in this region. Some other institutions, main colleges, and universities are in the Clementi. Singapore Polytechnic is situated in the Commonwealth Avenue. The National University of Singapore is present in the premises of this region. Students can directly travel to the NUS campus using the bus services.

The new town in this area is developed around the time duration of 1975 to 1979. It is a modern town having the necessary services as well as good facilities. The area of this township was the part of the Colombo Camp which was the military installation in the past. The area consists of many popular resorts as well as restaurants. There are a high number of hotels in the entire area. This area has a popular landmark which is the Clementi Mall. There are so many stores in this mall. People of the city, as well as the travelers go to this big mall. The polyclinic of this area is a major polyclinic of Singapore.

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