Aircon Servicing in Boon Lay

aircon servicing in boon lay

Boon lay – an epic neighborhood of Jurong West

There is some the neighborhood in Singapore and boon lay is the famous one. Jurong West town consist boon lay. It has roughly corresponded border to the subzone of URA. Besides this, many people confused boon lay with boon lay planning area. This planning area is situated in the South of this neighborhood.


Chew Boon Lay was a famous businessman, and he inspires the name of this subzone. From the nineteenth century to the twentieth century, he owned most of the land of this neighborhood. But later on, it was captured by the colonial government and later on used by them war department. Previously it was a village, and in the year 1940, it had a population of 420. In 1969, boon lay began to develop and after that various building, and GBF flats were built in 1974. Also, West Coast GRC had divided, and this subzone is the part of that divisions. We do provide the aircon servicing in Boon Lay and nearby areas.

About neighboring areas

Taking about its neighboring areas then they are seven in numbers. These following neighbors surround Boon Lay:

  • Yunnan
  • Bulim
  • Central
  • Hong Kah
  • Kian Teck
  • Chin Bee
  • Taman Jurong

Residential areas

There are very few estates which are built by the private sector. Otherwise, government officials made rest of the buildings. Here are the streets of boon lay:

  • Avenue of Boon Lay
  • Boon Lay place and,
  • Boon Lay Drive

About transportation facilities


Taking the main roads of boon lay then here are their names:

  • Boon lay way
  • Jurong West and corporation road connects different islands around this neighborhood. Besides this, the island is linked to PIE.

Public transport

Public transport of this precinct let its citizens travel comfortably. Here are the transportation options available here:

  • Night bus service: This bus service is meant for those who want to travel at night i.e. during non-operational hours. There are two buses for this purpose named NR5 and 5N. SMRT operates the first one, and SBS transits operate the second one.
  • Interstate bus services: This will offer services to their passengers who want to travel from one state to another. One can, but its tickets from the shopping center of Boon Lay.
  • Besides this, this precinct is even connected to MRT and areas like Joo Koon, Hong Kah, Nanyang, etc.


There is only three schools in this precinct i.e. Boon Lay Garden( primary school), Secondary school of boon lay and River Valley i.e. high school.

Population of Boon Lay

Taking about the subzone population then it is 31,000, and in the planning areas, it is around 30, and it is increased from the past years.

Other facilities

This neighborhood contains two churches, and there is only one temple here. Besides this, they all are situated at the center of the town. There is also a shopping center here, and HBD managed it.

What boon lay is now a developed precinct plus it is upgraded by the HBD officials time to time. It also has a community center.

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