Aircon Servicing in Bishan

aircon servicing in bishan

Get Bishan district (Singapore) guidelines and information

Bishan district or city is also known as the Bishan town, or Bishan new town is the developing area or residential area of Singapore. It is located in the northeast part of ten central regions of Singapore. If we find the rank of this city in the Singapore, it is 38th biggest city geographically. For better understating –

  • Geographically – 38th biggest cities in Singapore
  • In term of population- 21th most populated area in Singapore
  • Population density- 15th rank across the Singapore
  • Geographical area- 7.62 square km
  • Residential- 1.72 square km
  • No of postal districts- 20
  • Total population- 90,700
  • Density- 11,896.6 square km

 Apart from this, it shares their border with Catchment in the west, Ang Mo Kio to the North, Serangoon to the east and Toa Payoh to the south. It includes three subzones they are namely, upper Thomson, Marymount and Bishan East. It shares their boundary to the catchment which is the burial ground.  Due to the planning area, the burial ground was excavated to make beautiful residential area. Due to the heavy development or many purposes, the town boomed with living area. Because of its accessible location, people are interested in making residential developments. We do provide the aircon servicing in Bishan and nearby areas.

Before century the Bishan was known as the Kampong San Thnga and Soon Hock Village and Kampong San Thnga. Soon Hook was the part of Kampong, and it was occupied by Hokkiens. It was famous for its sesame oil and noodles. After some decades the development increased in the village, and now it is known as Bishan town or Bishan new town. The new town is said because it is the planning area and it is growing fast.


Bishan is located to the central region that is why it is connected to the rest of Singapore via central expressway.  The central expressway is one of major highway of Singapore which connects city central and northern area of Singapore.

Via mass rapid transit system the city is also connected to the important are of an island. Bishan MRT station connected to the other major city in the Singapore and future the station will serve the interchange station for circle line. The circle line is the underground transportation in the Singapore with a driverless orbital. It links about 29 stations to the city. At 2008, the construction of circle has completed. As the entire city has the bus services that Bishan includes SBS i.e. Singapore bus services via Bishan bus interchange. It links to all major areas of the Singapore.

About shopping centers in the Bishan city

Correspondence to their population it includes some shopping centers available.

  • Junction 8 shopping center is located near the bus interchange and also near the MRT station.
  • Thomson Plaza is located to the upper Thomson road
  • Thomson V 1 and 2 is residential place where some shopping features are available
  • Thomson imperial court is also the residential place where you can find the shopping features
  • The Bishan North Shopping mall not popular but you can take some advantages.

Bishan town is the central part of the Singapore which has world class education facility, lots of greenery, better developing places and much more.

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