Aircon Servicing in Aljunied

aircon servicing in ALJUNIED

ALJUNIED – an introduction to this historic city

Aljunied is a city belonged to Singapore and located in the suburban area of the city-state. This town is historic as earlier it was an agricultural land and later on it will get urbanized. The picture of this city is entirely different now as you can see schools, flats, parks, etc. Besides this, its name inspired from an Aljuined Road which was named after the death of Syed Sharif Junied. Omar Ali owned a large part of the agricultural area, but he died in the year 1852.

Introduction of Aljunied

The city is incredibly beautiful and a developed city. Education and medical facilities are available here plus this city is a tourist attraction because of its history. The city consists of primary and secondary school plus a kindergarten too. There is also a special school in this town named Canossian which is meant for special children. Besides this, the aircon servicing of Singapore is quite famous for its repairing services across the world. We do provide the aircon servicing in Aljunied and nearby area.

Famous landmarks

There are some famous landmarks in this city, and they are listed below with a description of these landmarks:

MRT station of Aljunied: East-west line consists of this station plus Joo Koon, and Pasir Ris is connected to the MRT system.

Methodist Chinese church: It is located in Geylang and was founded in the year 1905. This was the first church built in the late nineteenth century. Earlier the building or housed was a girl’s school but later on it become co-ed and further divided into primary & secondary school. Previously it was known as the Methodist girl’s school of Geylang.

Canossaville: children’s home: This home gives residential care to small girls who are at-risk. It often includes a care center for students, especially those who are poor, special or sick. It like an orphanage and a Catholic order founded this house in 1941. Our lady’s Orphanage was the name given to this house plus a convent school was run by them. But now it becomes a Canossa Convent school for the primary wing.

Cemetery: Mount Vernon: This was the first cemetery opened by Crematorium government of Singapore. 1962 was the year when this cemetery came into existence, but later on, in the year 2003, they closed this and Monday facility replaced this place. It has been used for making new houses and was urbanized.

Bidadari Cemetery: Previous it was located at Aljunied Road junction, but just like other landmarks, it has been used for development purpose.

Industrial state of Kallang Basin: There is an industrial zone in this city which belongs to the Kallang Basin. You will see some industrial factories due to which are the known as the second largest industrial estate of Singapore.

Population of Aljunied

According to statics, in the current year 2017; its population is around 41,000. In the previous year i.e. in 2000, its population was calculated 45,000 which are more than the current population. The government is worry about its decline population. Various steps have been taken regarding this problem.

The Arab people captured Aljunied city, but now it represents a unique diversify culture of Singapore.



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