Your aircon unit works well all year round to keep you comfortable and relaxed through the change of seasons. Sooner or later, though, all that deterioration will take its fee on the aircon and cause it to act up or abruptly stop working.

Things can turn uncomfortable quickly when your aircon system breakdowns. That is why having a simple understanding of how to troubleshoot your aircon unit will let you deal with the most negligible problems on your own and save yourself the cost of expert aircon repair.

Here are some common aircon troubleshooting tips all home proprietors must know

  • Replace your aircon Strainers

Strainers that are blocked, outdated, or filthy are noteworthy contributors to leaks and whole poor aircon performance. Consequently, the primary troubleshooting technique you must master is properly checking and changing air strainers. When strainers get blocked or jammed, the unit is forced to work more powerfully to achieve the essential results.

This used a noteworthy amount of energy and damages the aircon system, shortening its life expectancy. You must change the strainers every after ninety days. If the strainers are old, and useless most of the time, you can have them changed monthly.


  • Check the aircon internally

When assessing your aircon unit, you will perhaps miss the exterior unit. Though, this element of your AC is very important as it serves as the center for airflow throughout your house.

Because of the AC’s location, wreckage for example leaves and branches may get trapped in the unit and destroy the unit. Wreckage exclusion from within and around the AC will assist in the Aircon’s working.


  • Check for a Wobbly Connection on Your Thermostat

Even though it seems to be a very simple solution, the thermostat is regularly to blame for AC-related problems. Confirm whether the batteries in your thermostat are functioning well if it works on battery.

If you have an electric thermostat, check for a wobbly connection. When your AC system fails to turn on at all, you must all the times check the thermostat first.


  • Reset Your Circuit Breaker

If you are lucky, solving your AC problems might be as simple as turning a handle. A tripped breaker shows that you should reset your aircon system to continue consistent working. If your Aircon system carries on to decline to switch on, think about hiring an expert.

  • Clean All the Channels and Openings

As your aircon flows air throughout your house, slight particles for example filth, grime, and additional foreign objects can become stuck in or block the openings, channels, and registers. It decreases the Aircon’s performance, damages the internal air quality, as well as makes your house feel uncomfortable.

It would be useful to know when to clean the openings, registers, and pipes. Moreover, because of the difficulty of opening and channel cleaning, it is a great idea to call a professional.

  • Short Cycling

When airflow is limited, your Aircon unit might similarly suffer short cycling, causing the AC to shut down before it finishes the heating or cooling cycle. Sometimes, this issue is effortlessly resolved by cleaning or replacing the air strainer.

An additional possible reason for short cycling is icy coils. Check the evaporator loops, which are typically positioned in the air handler. If they have ice or frostiness on them, turn the AC off to let the loops melt.


  • Hostile Odors

Anytime you notice strange odors coming from your heater or aircon, act on it ASAP as it might either be mildew or burnt wiring; one just as unsafe as the other.

Mildews are the probable culprit for vulgar aircon smells, as well as they can cause severe health hazards. In case of doubted mildew growth, check for any leakages in your Aircon unit and make sure to cover them. This will stop the water dripping into your home and producing dampness, which is the perfect breeding room for mildews.

If the stink comes from burnt wires plus electrical connections, contact an electrician to assist you to deal with the issue instantaneously and avoid any risky situations.


  • Loud Sounds

Is your aircon making loud sounds? Then you must start your troubleshooting with the fan motor that is accountable for giving cold air into the ductwork as well as hotter air out of the home.

Broken fans can begin making a lot of sounds that are very tough to overlook. Nonetheless even stuck dirt and wreckages can make fans louder than usual. If the latter is the problem, giving your AC a good cleaning may assist in reducing or getting rid of the sound. The thing is; it is not at all times easy to define where the sounds in your AC are coming from or what the cause of them is. To make sure that accurate repairing is made and additional destruction is avoided, ask an aircon professional to check and fix the AC.


  • Schedule Maintenance Visits

You do not at all times have to troubleshoot individually—an expert can help you. Scheduling aircon maintenance frequently will support you avoid issues and prolonging its life.

Better efficiency might result in lesser electric bills and a lessened probability of an unforeseen repair. A professional can determine whether your furnace needs repairing or cleanup.

  • Keep Utilities Bill Low

When your home is in extreme weather, it is common to see greater utility bill charges. An unexpected rise in utility bills or a steady rise might damage your AC system or be excessively old to work proficiently. Keep your bills low by avoiding recurrent thermostat adjustments, cleaning your air strainers, and requesting repetitive maintenance. 

Find Consistent Aircon Maintenance in Singapore

You can do more aircon troubleshooting than you might have recognized. These vital tips can save a lot of your money on maintenance, utility bills, as well as repair. Consistent maintenance by an expert to keep the AC working at its best. Occasionally the issue is excessively big or unsafe to do alone, then calling a local professional can be the greatest effective option. For your AC repairing needs, contact aircon experts. The team of extremely accomplished specialists can benefit fix any issues with your aircon systems.



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